Specialty Solutions for Better Municipal Water Treatment

Municipal waters play a key role in the functioning of our cities and towns. Treating these waters so they are safe for public use can be challenging, as different sources, like lakes, rivers and wastewaters, contain varying types and levels of pollutants. As water scarcity becomes a growing concern, and regulations become more stringent, municipalities rely on high-performance chemicals, materials and solutions to meet municipal needs like clean drinking water and irrigation water. Solvay continues to innovate so municipalities can prioritize the responsible use and treatment of municipal water and ensure a secure supply.

Our products and solutions, especially surfactants, peroxides and specialty polymers, enable chemical suppliers and water service companies to optimize water treatment processes. Learn more about our high-performing solutions for municipal water treatment.

Municipal water treatment plant in Milan

Top Brands for Municipal Water Treatment

Explore our established brands dedicated to helping municipal water treatment customers meet stringent regulatory, sustainability and performance targets. And learn more about key products such as INTEROX® hydrogen peroxide, PROXITANE® and OXYSTRONG® peracetic acid-based solutions, Rhodibloc® additives and Antarox® emulsifiers, as well as specialty polymers such as Solef® PVDF, Udel® PSU and Veradel® PESU.

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