Contributing resources to support Solvay's community

The world is facing an unprecedented health and social emergency with communities severely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Across our various businesses around the globe, Solvay has been able to provide critical supplies of products and contributions for protective equipment such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hand sanitizer, face shields and many others, to those in distress.
At Solvay, our Purpose invites us to bond people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress, and our current reality calls us to do precisely this, especially now.

The aim of the Solvay Solidarity Fund is to take our Purpose a step further by supporting our employees and their loved ones through hardship due to the global coronavirus pandemic. 

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Press Release: Solvay Solidarity Fund launched in partnership with the King Baudouin Foundation

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Together with the King Baudouin Foundation 

The Fund will be hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation under the guidance of a management committee with equal representation from the Foundation, Solvay and a third party to be chosen—all three of whom will be responsible for deciding the fund's donations based on criteria aligned with the statutes of the King Baudouin Foundation.

Thank You Campaign - Solvay Solidarity Fund

Who will you help?

At Solvay, we believe our response to COVID-19 must be a collaborative effort. The Fund's primary mission is to support the solidarity between Solvay's executives, employees, shareholders and partners towards the Group's employees heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic around the world. 

Your contribution will provide additional support to any Solvay employee and dependents who may experience hardship due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Any remaining surplus funds will be dedicated to COVID-19 charitable and research organizations.


The Solvay Solidarity Fund aims to provide:

  • individual assistance to staff members or their families throughout the world who have been severely affected and find themselves in great difficulty or major distress in terms of health, education of their children, unemployment, limitation or disappearance of their social and/or health cover;
  • support for the health and social organizations which take care of these persons;
  • support to research, health and social organizations involved in the COVID-19 crisis and extended to other health or equivalent crises if the funds raised by the Fund allow after meeting the immediate needs of Solvay employees and their dependents globally.  

How can I contribute ?

We call upon everyone’s generosity to contribute to the Solvay Solidarity Fund.

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