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What does open innovation look like on a continental scale?


With its €70 billion budget and its continental reach, Horizon 2020 is the most ambitious research and innovation program the European Union has ever seen. Solvay, along with the entire European chemistry ecosystem, has been an active participant in the framework program since its launch in 2014.


Space travel needs composites too!


Solvay materials have been contributing to space exploration ever since humans have been capable of building machines that leave our planet. Here is an overview of these materials and their out-of-this-world properties.


Protected plastic means more sustainable plastic


Replacing metal parts in cars with plastic to save weight and therefore reduce fuel consumption can only be done if the plastic is sufficiently resilient and long-lasting. UV stabilizers not only achieve just that, but also enable an environmentally friendly ‘virtuous circle’ in the process. It’s circular economics in action!


Guess who provides the fastest composites in the world?


Over the course of the last four decades, metal in Formula One racecars has been slowly but surely replaced by composite materials. And in this fast-paced, highly demanding industry, racing teams universally turn to Solvay for their high-performance composites…


Freeze! When industry labs and Nobel Prizes go hand in hand


Sometimes, the line between corporate research and academic research is blurred. The 2017 Nobel Prize in Chemistry illustrates that perfectly, as it was awarded to the discoverers of a technology that Solvay has been using since it was first developed, nearly two decades ago!


The chemistry behind winter sports


From medal-winning athletic gear to your everyday ski boot, a lot of high-tech engineering goes into the materials used to make winter sports equipment. Guess which molecules help you enjoy the snowy slopes with ever increasing comfort and security?


Alibaba! Solvay opens flagship e-store


Solvay is celebrating the launch of its online flagship store on Alibaba’s B2B platform, in collaboration with the Chinese ecommerce giant. This first e-store represents a key milestone in the multi-specialty chemical Group’s ecommerce ambition.