Solvay: committed to fight climate change

Human activities resulting in greenhouse gas emissions are numerous and diverse. As the world population grows, the number of issues relative to warming of the climate system increases.  

Solvay believes that a global carbon pricing, applied to all sectors of the economy, is a powerful and fair tool to drive the fight against climate change and limit the temperature increase to 2°C. To make this happen, industrials must join forces and act together to help lead the global transition to a low carbon economy. 

    As an actor truly committed in the fight against climate warming, Solvay is a member of several groups and associations, such as:  

    • WBCSD (Jean-Pierre Clamadieu is a member of the Executive Committee)  
    • World Economic Forum
    • Caring for Climate
    • UN Global Compact
    • Carbon Pricing Leadership coalition 
    • The SHIFT Belgium
    • AFEP Business Proposals for COP 21

    Asking more from chemistry

    Solvay proposes a pallet of efficient solutions to fight against climate change, notably: 

    • Mobility to reconcile transport and environment 
    • Buildings for energy efficient and thermal insulation
    • Industry, to combine performance with energy efficiency and limited carbon footprint
    • Bio-sourced chemistry to limit the use of fossil resources (Ocalio™, Augeo™)

    Solvay also commits to reducing the footprint of its activities and has adopted priority targets for 2025:

    • Reduce CO2 intensity of its operations by 40%, that is, its greenhouse gas emissions per added value euro. Furthermore, as of January 1, 2016, Solvay will apply an internal price for CO2 emissions at 25 euros per tonne, to take into account climate challenges in its investment decisions.
    • Generate 40% of revenues with solutions addressing the challenges of sustainable development. Solvay uses its “Sustainable Portfolio Management” analysis tool to identify opportunities in this field. Innovation projects will focus for example on developing new lightweighting solutions for cars and airplanes as a way to reduce CO2 emissions or on advanced ingredient formulations for the agricultural sector, which are respectful of the environment. 

    Solvay pursues innovative ideas that will transform the present and sustain the future, such as the capture of CO2 to convert it into a raw material; circular economy; further boosting solar energy.

    The partnership in Solar Impulse is a symbolic milestone in the road of audacity and pioneering spirit opened more than 150 years ago by Ernest Solvay. Thanks to pioneering chemistry, Solar Impulse dream came true under the form of a solar-powered extraordinarily light plane, equipped with ultra-performing solar cells and batteries so that it can fly day and night, with zero emission.


    Download COP 21 brochure