Our objective 


Act as a transformation agent to contribute to optimize and transform the cycle of resources to answer the planet issue of resource scarcity through:  

  • Culture & Capabilities: leverage internal mindset and strengthen our collaborative innovation competences to accelerate the transition to a circular economy 

  • Business Solutions: boost concrete business projects to foster solutions meeting the circular economy requirements

Solvay is convinced of the need to move rapidly from a linear economy - which is exceedingly wasteful- to a circular economy, which can help resolve the environmental and societal challenges we face, to ensure our planet retains its regenerative resource cycles.

The chemical industry supplies many other industries and chemical science is a powerful building block which enables material transformation.

Solvay's intention is to position itself and its chemistry as a transformation agent which contributes towards solving societal issues, by designing new and innovative solutions that help customers achieve their sustainability goals. In doing so, we wants to develop new manufacturing processes and use renewable energy and materials that align with the principles of the circular economy.

Through this partnership Solvay wants to establish a circular economy culture, which sees new partnerships forged, and shared innovation which optimises and transforms resource cycles.

Solvay is convinced that, "the Circular Economy has the potential to improve the way we create value and the quality of our relations with our customers and ​other stakeholders. Thinking circular strengthens our innovation capabilities to further develop ​M​ore Sustainable Solutions that unlock Solvay’s business growth, while doing good for the Planet."