Women empowerment has been defined as a key priority since the beginning of the project because women held such a special role in the farmers families both at the household nutrition level and for guar cultivation.


The aim of our action is to empower women through knowledge and skills development.Our action is three folds: 

  • Women participation to guar Good Agricultural Practices training 
  • Women participation to health and nutrition training 
  • Women kitchen gardening set ups as well as backyard trees planting for fruits collection

Setting up of demonstration kitchen gardens and entry point activities such as backyard plantation of trees and extensive engagement with women farmers by project staff are the primary reasons for over-achievement in enrollment of women farmers.



Kitchen gardening focus   


The objective of the training on Nutrition and Kitchen Gardening is:

  • to increase knowledge of the women farmers on nutrition,

  • to enable them to improve household nutrition,

  • to set up kitchen gardens for in-house nutrition management. 

The participating women farmers are provided awareness on the benefits of various kinds of vegetables and the importance of including them in their diet. They are given reference material to consult which vegetables to sow at what time during the year. While some women already have rudimentary kitchen gardens, they do not know how to maintain them, which is taught in detail in the training. 

Several women spoke of never having cooked spinach and fenugreek before due to its unavailability in the local market, and had to be taught the method of cooking by the project team. All kitchen gardeners unanimously agreed that their consumption of green vegetables has definitely gone up because of kitchen gardens. This shows a positive impact on household nutrition, an impact which will only increase as kitchen gardening becomes a part of these households, and as more households adopt it.