Sustainable solutions

We believe innovative chemistry holds the sustainable solutions for future generations.

SPM Guide

Sustainable Portfolio Management

Integrated in the Solvay Way approach, Solvay uses the SPM tool to link together Strategy and Sustainability.


Circular Economy: Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Solvay's intention is to position itself and its chemistry as a transformation agent which contributes towards solving societal issues. 


Product responsiblity

The responsibility for the safety of the products we provide to our customers is essential all along the life cycle of products, down to their end-of-life and recycling.


Sustainable Guar

Solvay’s Sustainable Guar Initiative aims to empower farmers with tools and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices, resulting in more continuous, high yield production.


Actions for sustainable food

Solvay and 25 leading global companies announced their collaborative commitment to accelerating transformational change in global food systems.