Bhawarlal is a 58 year old farmer from village Bamanwali in the Lunkaransar block of Bikaner district of Rajasthan. In 2015, he volunteered to reserve an acre of his farm land to be used as a demonstration plot by the NGO Technoserve. His motivation? To learn scientifically improved agricultural practices to enhance the yields of Guar.


He attended training sessions on seed selection, land and seed treatment, line sowing, deep hoeing and pest management conducted by the NGO Technoserve. Constant mentoring instilled confidence in him to adopt the new practices as demonstrated in the training. 


Initially, Bhawarlal was sceptic about benefits of the process and he chose to allot an acre of land which was not the best suited for Guar cultivation. Although the sowing was delayed by the NGO Technoserve and the area faced a long dry spell, the quality of the demo plot crop was superior to the control plot crop. This convinced him of the benefits of improved Guar cultivation practices.


  • 435% was the increase in yield from his demo plot as compared to his control plot.

  • 107 kgs from the demo plot as compared to the 20 kgs from the control plot. 


Bhawarlal is eager to practice the techniques recommended by the NGO Technoserve on 10 acres of his land in 2016 season. He has been identified as a champion farmer as he is encouraging his fellow farmers from Bamanwali to adopt the improved Guar cultivation practices.


"Earlier, my husband used to go to the market to procure vegetables on a weekly basis. It was mostly potatoes. This pattern of eating could not meet our nutritional needs. Ever since I started practicing kitchen gardening in my backyard, my family consumes highly nutritional fresh green vegetables. The training conducted by Technoserve has been a boon. Producing vegetables in my own backyard has given me a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I will be practicing kitchen gardening all year round and will encourage other women in my village to adopt kitchen gardening as well."