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At Solvay, we want no growth at the expense of our planet! To walk the talk, we have our Solvay Way program, guiding everyone in the company toward sustainability progress!

Solvay way is a comprehensive tool helping the Group in addressing the sustainability expectations of our 6 main stakeholders :
Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Local Communities, Investors and the Planet at large.

Every year we recognize the outstanding performance of our teams in term of sustainable development with Solvay Way Awards! See how our people are committed with the video of the six winners of the 2019 Solvay Way Awards!


EMPLOYEES stakeholder - Award WINNER: R&I center Vadodara, India

  • Safety: In 2018,  the R&I center implemented new behavioral Health and Safety programs. The Research center is also leading the way to spread social responsibility and safety awareness among contractors...
  • Employee engagement: the employee engagement index of the center is stepping up reaching 92% in 2018, which is beyond the Group’s target of 80% by 2025. 


PLANET stakeholder - Award  Winner: Livorno site Italy

  • Resource efficiency: in 2018 the manufacturing site reduced by 8% the use of fresh water thanks to improvement in the water treatment and recovery processes.
  • Energy Efficiency: by reorganizing the heat exchange system the plant reduced its steam use by 7%.
  • Waste valorization: the site improved waste process to keep them in use during production.


LOCAL COMMUNITIES stakeholder: Paulinia site, Brazil

  • Massive reach in local community actions: Focussed on Youth Employability, Education and Solidarity the societal actions led the employees of Paulinia manufacturing site impacted more than 3000 people in the local communities.
  • Education program: the site implemented within the community the program “EducAção”: Education in action.
  • Support of an NGO founded by the employees in 2003 (blood donation campaign, clothes donation…).


SUPPLIERS stakeholder: Aroma Performance Global Business Unit

  • Long term action plan: the Aroma business has implemented a robust approach to constantly embed more sustainability in the purchasing process thanks to a long term action plan. 
  • Supplier partnership: the business is collaborating with a supplier to develop natural vanillin, working hand in hand with its R&I team.
  • Virtuous supply chain:  the business has developed an agreement between Solvay, a strategic customer and the main supplier to secure the volume for all and ensure that the value is shared across the supply chain.


CUSTOMERS stakeholder: Specialty Polymers Global Business Unit

  • Society needs: launch of several projects to promote "sustainable mobility" answering the society unmet needs.
  • Sustainable solutions: Constantly improving the sustainability profile of their products to provide safer, more durable while working on increasing the performance of their solutions.
  • Decarbonizing their products: the business took a 15-year commitment with a solar farm in the USA, to provide product manufactured using renewable energy.



2019 SPECIAL MENTION: Atequiza site, Mexico

  • Strong sustainability performance: in its 2018 Solvay Way  assessment, the manufacturing site reached the best score among all the sites of its business unit  
  • Employees commitment & Inclusion: all the site’s employees have been involved in at least one sustainability action plan (called Solvay Way action plan).
  • Safety focus: the site lead the way in modeling safety best practices