Double the number of employees involved in societal actions

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The Group aims to strengthen this commitment by facilitating employee involvement in projects that serve the Society and by offering Solvay’s expertise to regions where the Group operates.

Societal actions are how we create shared social value along with economic value. We as people and as an organization need to contribute to the society in which we live and lead by example. 

At Group level, Solvay focuses funding on Science, Youth employment and Education. We also support humanitarian work in response to a particular event and/or where our products or services are of particular value.

At local level, Solvay sites and employees dedicate time, materials and financial support to local communities. They provide indirect and direct added value for the local economy, environment and employment, and support local charities and social initiatives.

A 2015 internal survey showed that around 5,500 Solvay employees have already participated in at least one a societal action at their site.

“There are a number of local initiatives that Solvay does based on what we stand for: education, science and local community support. We aim to facilitate and develop these initiatives as a key part of our commitment to answer societal challenges."  Pascal Juery , Comex Member