Mother nature stepping into hair care and ecosystems preservation

Without non-ecotoxic ingredients in the formulation of hair care products, harmful substances are daily washed out in the shower, find their way into the sewer and endanger our ecosystems. With Jaguar® C162 cationic guar, Solvay has developed a non-ecotoxic and vegetable-based functional ingredient caring for both our ecosystems and hair.

Conditioning agents are nowadays widely used in shampoo, conditioner, and serum to make hair look shinier, healthier and improve combing. However, many of the formulation ingredients present limitations with regard to their ecotoxicity profile, threatening the balance of our ecosystems on a daily basis.


JAGUAR® C162, the hair care solution originating from nature

Jaguar® C162 is a derivatized cationic guar produced from a bean grown mainly in India. In addition to its inherent natural properties making it an ideal bio-based solution for hair care, it is the innovative production process that confers to Jaguar® C162 its outstanding sustainable profile.

In 2015 in partnership with customer and NGO, Solvay has launched the “Sustainable Guar Initiative” aiming to empower farmers with tool and knowledge to cultivate the crop through good agricultural practices, resulting in more continuous, high yield production.


Benefits for the planet, benefits for all:

  • Eco-toxicity: Classified as Non-eco-toxic
  • Renewable-based material: Vegetable-based issued from Guar bean

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