Urban Air Mobility on the rise

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is an emerging market that will revolutionize the transportation and aviation industry. These innovative platforms will accelerate the transition to sustainable, on demand, passenger and cargo air transit. The benefits of UAM encompass delivery of essential services to remote rural locations to decongesting large metropolitan cities across the globe. 

At Solvay we look at Urban Air Mobility as 4 segments identified based on the service their provide:

  • Delivery (Express delivery drones)
  • Passenger (Air Taxi)
  • Cargo (Heavy cargo)
  • Mission Specific (Surveillance, defence)

The UAM market requires lightweight aerospace performance materials providing design, high quality and processing flexibility for prototype and future production phases.

Solvay is the partner of choice for Urban Air Mobility customers, offering the broadest portfolio of qualified aerospace materials including thermoset and thermoplastic composites, specialty polymers, structural adhesives and functional films. We are a leading innovator in composite material technologies with a strong expertise in applications engineering.

UAM customers benefit from Solvay’s ability to provide solutions to technical challenges during their product development and production cycles. Our experience in working with customers on developing projects ranging broadly from automotive to aerospace applications.

Our global teams support the realization of our customer’s ambitious projects. Solvay is your partner for composite material solutions meeting your needs in the cargo and passenger UAM market.

Solvay, the partner of choice for the UAM industry

Our experience, expertise and portfolio makes us the partner of choice for UAM designers and manufacturers. 


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Where and why to use advanced materials on UAM platforms

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