The Food & Beverages market is driven by core transversal trends bringing challenges and opportunities for the food industry: Natural, Health & Wellness, Nutrition and Food Safety among others.

Solvay offers a comprehensive and unique portfolio of Synthetic & Natural Vanillin and Ethyvallin to solve natural, functional and taste improvement challenges.

With more than 120 years of research and innovation, Solvay is the reference to the market for your Vanillin solutions.


High-performance Vanillin:

  • Unique high flavor intensity and a long-lasting effect,
  • Functional / Natural solution for bakery & premix, chocolate & confectionery, instant powder drink and nutrition,
  • 3 dedicated Vanil Expert Centers around the globe to accompany customers developments.


The boom of Natural trend:


Solutions for nutrition, naturalness and wellbeing challenges:

  • Reliable & consistent natural solutions to substitute Vanilla bean extract: Vanilla Bean Extract replacers
  • Traceability, regional origin, trustful footprint
  • Sugar reduction effectiveness & protein off-note masking agent