A global networking event at Solvay 

One hundred years after the foundation of IUPAC, Solvay who has been one of its members since the very beginning is proud to host today in Brussels the Global Women’s Breakfast event organized by the National Committee of Chemistry of the Royal Academy for Science and The Arts of Belgium. A unique moment for about 150 female scientists from academic and industrial worlds to share, connect and build a new network around their common passion for science and chemistry.

The Global Women's Breakfast entitled “Empowering Women in Chemistry” that is being held this year aims at assisting female chemists to expand their network of contacts and colleagues, both locally and internationally. Another goal is to bring together female scientists at different stages of their individual careers so that they can learn from each other; together, they are able to explore opportunities in professional development and research or teaching horizons. Organizations of all types - e.g. universities, companies, national chemistry societies, government laboratories and other scientific organizations -- as well as individual groups of chemists, were invited to participate to the event so that they also could connect with each other.

Ilham Kadri, Future CEO at Solvay,  is opening the event. She is sharing her passion and experience as a leading woman in science with all the participants by supporting diversity while encouraging women to pursue a more diversified and demanding career path.

I’ve been personally inspired by Marie Curie who was a pioneer in women leadership in Science and Technology. Marie Curie was the only woman who took part in the very well-known Solvay conference of 1911 and the only woman who was honored with two Nobel Prizes.

Ilham Kadri, Future CEO, Solvay Group

This event also offers the opportunity to the attendees to express themselves about topics such as: "How to combine career and family", "The importance of role models and mentors for women in science" and "The role of chemistry in the development of our society".



As Platinum sponsor, Solvay will take part in the ceremony of the Centenary of IUPAC that will occur in Paris next July. On this occasion, Jean-Marie Solvay Member of the Solvay Board, Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Research & Innovation Solvay group General Manager, and Patrick Maestro, the Scientific Director of Solvay group, will deliver speeches and demonstrate that we believe at Solvay that science has supported the needs of society since always.

Following the ceremony, Solvay will grant young researchers with the yearly IUPAC-Solvay International Awards for Young Chemists for the outstanding quality of their PhD theses in chemistry.

Finally, Solvay also sponsors another major Global Celebration organized in 2019 as part of IUPAC100: the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.


Solvay and IUPAC: a partnership from the very beginning!

Having open innovation in his DNA, Ernest Solvay was instrumental in the foundation of the International Association of Chemical Societies (IACS), that he generously funded, in 1911 in Paris, which would later morph into IUPAC, the world’s authority on chemical nomenclature and terminology to this day.

IUPAC is the global organization that provides objective scientific expertise and develops the essential tools for the application and communication of chemical knowledge for the benefit of humankind and the world. It was founded a hundred years ago, in 1919, by chemists from academia and industry to set international standards and harmonize the practice of chemistry around the world.