A suite of customer-oriented online services

In order to better serve our customers around the world, we have developed a wide range of internet-based services to make their lives easier. 

Our e-Business solutions are designed to give our customers faster access to the information they need. This includes the automation and improvement of core processes in areas such as customer service, supply chain, finance and procurement. 

Thanks to this, our partners benefit from increased efficiency, reactivity and quality of service so that we can build long-term and beneficial relationships together. 


Our e-Business offer: 

  • Solvay webshops offerings for multiple services over the order-to-cash cycle
  • EDI/System to System integration
  • E-invoicing, for customers ready to receive Electronic invoices in PDF format in replacement of the traditional paper invoices

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For Solvay chemical customers

The secure extranet, Solvay4me, offers Solvay Chemicals customers:

  • A web-browser system for placing and tracking orders for Solvay Chemicals products.
  • 24hr/7day access to placing/amending orders or tracking deliveries.
  • easy to use and available to all existing customers around the world. 
  • Multilingual platform


For Solvay Rhodia customers

The secure extranet, Solvay eCommerce offers Solvay Rhodia customers everything you need for online ordering and order management including:

  • Search engine to look for transactions, products and documents
  • Order documents such as order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices and certificates of analysis
  • Order templates for products you order on a regular basis 
  • Document alert feature 
  • Customer support menu
  • Multilingual platform

Specialty Polymers customer portal

The customer portal offers our Specialty Polymers customers access to a broad range of information and services that make their lives more efficient and convenient:

  • Browse our product portfolio, including direct access to all related technical information
  • Learn from our Market & Application insights and success stories
  • Manage your transactions, from one-click reordering to 24/7 access to documentation
  • Benefit from our exclusive online services like small quantity ordering and express shipments
  • Connect with our technical support teams


MySolvayportal is a self-service platform dedicated to distributors which aims at facilitating information exchange and collaboration:  

  • 24/7 access to product documentation (Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheet, Regulatory Data Summaries, etc.);
  • Connection to our regulatory department for specific regulatory questions;
  • Sample ordering and tracking; 
  • Additional functionalities are in development

Business to Business solutions strengthen Supply Chain cooperation and form the basis of win-win relationships with our partners.

We are offering real-time data exchange in procurement, sales, supply chain (VMI), distribution and billing processes.

Elemica is today the main B2B network in the chemical industry, acting to facilitate order processing and supply chain management between customers and suppliers.

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Why use e-Invoicing?

  • Fast and easy:  Simplify your procedures and save time by receiving your invoices in an electronic format, sent directly to the right contact without delay. Easy to receive, transfer, store and retrieve
  • A sustainable solution: Avoid paper waste and save space - no more paper to print and store
  • Economic and free of charge: Reduce your invoice management costs - an end to mail management, scanning and paper archiving. And it's free of charge to you
  • Legal Compliance: A safe and legally compliant solution. 
  • For Europe, this procedure is completely compliant with the EU Directive 2001/115/EC and with the national requirements of tax authorities in the countries listed in the FAQ

What's needed to register?

You simply have to ensure that your company has a generic e-mail address to receive the e-Invoices. Among country rules (in Europe), legally compliant archiving system may be needed.

Register now! Just complete our agreement form.