The Belgian Code on Corporate Governance seeks to ensure transparency in corporate governance by requiring every listed company to disclose information in two separate documents: the Corporate Governance Charter and the Corporate Governance Statement in the annual report.


  • Corporate Governance Charter

The Solvay Corporate Governance Charter is based on a strong tradition of values that are historically ingrained in the Solvay group’s culture, aiming at providing a more comprehensive and transparent disclosure of Solvay’s governance, in addition to the contents of its by-laws.

The Board of Directors is convinced that adhering to the highest corporate governance standards shows its commitment to maximizing value for all Company’s shareholders and other stakeholders.

Solvay has adopted the 2009 Belgian Corporate Governance Code as its reference code in governance matters taking into account the specific international aspects of the Group.


  • Corporate Governance Statement in the annual report

In addition, Solvay provides in its annual report a Corporate Governance Statement, which gives the information required by the Belgian Companies’ Code. This Statement includes additional factual information with respect to Solvay’s Corporate Governance and relevant modifications thereto, together with details on directors and executive compensation and of relevant events that took place during the preceding year.