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Chemistry in Motion: Solvay's Pioneering Solutions for an Evolving Automotive Industry

Our portfolio of advanced materials addresses the pressing need of auto manufacturers to develop more sustainable and efficient mobility systems. From battery solutions to emission control catalysts and bio-based coating and silica for tires that significantly improve efficiency, our high-performance solutions are enabling a new era of automotive technology.

Thermal management of vehicle

Nocolok®, Solvay’s brazing solutions, are widely applied in the automotive sector for their superior performance in joining aluminum parts. With Nocolok®, automotive manufacturers benefit from reliable and efficient brazing processes, resulting in high-quality, lightweight assemblies that meet industry standards for durability and performance.

E-mobility: Batteries

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric mobility, we play a pivotal role in advancing battery technologies. Our extractants, such as Interox® VOLT50, facilitate the recovery of valuable metals from battery recycling material streams. Additionally, our conductive salts, including LiTFSI, LiFSI, and M-TFSI, provide innovative solutions with outstanding electrochemical properties, contributing to increased battery performance and safety. Solvents and additives like TAB further enhances high voltage electrolyte, extending operating voltage and cell capacity.

Tires: Safe and bio-based solutions

Rolling resistance is responsible for 20% of fuel consumption. Recognizing the impact of tires on vehicle emissions, Solvay is developing innovative materials for more energy-efficient tires. Our highly dispersible silica (HDS) range leads the industry in enhancing wear resistance and reducing rolling resistance. The range includes Zeosil®, made with bio-based sodium silicate derived from rice husk ash, and Premium SW. Our tire compounds, such as TECHSYN, are at the forefront of sustainable mobility, produced together with Bridgestone for increased range through silica fillers.

Body and chassis: Sustainable innovations

Our cutting-edge solutions for body and chassis applications put the planet first. Our Alve-One® Foaming Solutions, derived from sodium bicarbonate, is a non-hazardous and environmentally friendly alternative for interiors, addressing the need for a lower carbon footprint. Our oxygenated solvents, such as the bio-based Augeo®Solsys® Coat MA and Solsys® Coat IBA, offer high-performance solutions for automotive coatings. Meanwhile Rhodianyl brings together more than 70 years of pioneering and sustainability in the production of polyamide 6.6 polymers. Used in many parts of the car, it also offers a 100% recycled grade for engineering plastics. 

Internal Combustion Engine (ICE): Emission control catalyst

Solvay’s emission control catalyst solutions deliver a cleaner and more fuel-efficient engine performance to satisfy growing sustainability requirements and emissions standards in the automotive industry. Materials such as Actalys® & Optalys®, coupled with our high-stability alumina, are pivotal in manufacturing automotive catalysts. Eolys PowerFlex®, a fuel-borne catalyst, ensures fast and complete particulate filter regeneration, eliminating a remarkable 99.9% of emitted particles. These solutions not only reduce fuel consumption but also enhance thermal resistance and stability.