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Eolys PowerFlex®

The multifunctional Diesel Fuel-Borne Catalyst Additive for Diesel markets

Diesel engines enjoy growing popularity because of their fuel-efficiency and driveability. However, they face major challenges in controlling particulate matters and NOx emissions.

Associated with a particulate filter, Eolys PowerFlex® fuel-borne catalyst allows fast and complete particulate filter regeneration, with 99.9 percent of emitted particles eliminated. 

Features & Benefits

  • Enhances DPF regeneration efficiency under city driving conditions and cold operation
  • Reduces engine oil dilution and maintenance
  • Reduces fuel consumption (between 3 to 5% versus alternative DPF regeneration strategies)
  • Limits the negative impact of bio-diesel fuels on the global system performance
  • Protects the fuel injection system and equipment
  • Keeps the high-pressure EGR valve and turbocharger clean
  • Introduces flexibility in exhaust after treatment layout and in NOx-abatement technologies for EURO6 and beyond
  • Not sensitive to the sulfur content of the fuel, allowing OEMs to offer advanced and clean diesel products in emerging markets (BRIC)


Eolys PowerFlex® is specially designed for reliability and flexibility in DPF regeneration under city driving conditions, cold vehicle operations and use in high sulfur fuels countries :

  • Recommended fuel treatment rate of 3 to 5mg Metal catalyst per kg of fuel (ppm Metal)
  • Vehicle-on-Board volume of 1.2 to 1.9 liters for a 250,000km autonomy (for fuel consumption of 7 liters/100km)

Solvay Fuel Additives Range, the reference for OEMs

Solvay was the pioneer with the launch in 2000 of the first OEM series production of the fuel-borne catalysts for the passenger cars and light-duty vehicles markets.

Previous generations, Eolys® DPX42 and Eolys®176 are still referenced and used in the OEMs aftermarket.

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