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High Performance Polishing Powders 

To meet customer specific polishing needs and application conditions, Solvay offers a range of high performance polishing powders under the Cerox® trade name.

Thanks to the strength of its Research and Innovation teams, and its expertise in Rare Earths, Solvay has developed separated rare earth polishing products with tightly-controlled composition, together with specifically designed morphology and characteristics.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent polishing productivity and surface quality
  • Flexible use : can be used with a variety of glass types, pads and machines
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Extended slurry lifetime


  • Optical and Precision Applications : mass production lenses and semi-finished lenses, precision optics, camera lenses and filters, ...
  • For Precision Optics, also discover Opaline®
  • Flat Glass, polishing wheels and crystal : Jewelry, mirrors, architectural glass, decorative pieces, ...
  • LCD Glass, GHD an Photomasks : mobile screens and touchpads, LCD panels, glass hard Disks, Photomasks,  ...


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