Solvay manufactures a range of high quality hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sold under the trade name INTEROX®.

We offer a wide range of hydrogen peroxide grades.


INTEROX® Aseptic Grade

INTEROX® Aseptic Grade:

  • INTEROX® AG Spray 25S
  • INTEROX® AG Spray 35
  • INTEROX® AG Spray 35S
  • INTEROX® AG Bath 35
  • INTEROX® AG Bath 35S
  • INTEROX® AG Dual 35
  • INTEROX® AG Dual 35S
INTEROX® Standard Grade

Solvay hydrogen peroxide is available in various standard and specialty grades, differentiated by the stabilizer packages appropriate for the specific end use. All Solvay grades have excellent stability and lose less than 1% of their activity in a full year of storage under normal storage conditions. Each grade is available in different concentrations ranging from 35 to 70%.
Hydrogen peroxide can be delivered in bulk by road tanker, by rail or in ISO tank containers. Product can also be supplied in intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and in drums ranging from 25 to 220 liters.
Solvay products for the semiconductor industry feature some of the purest grades of hydrogen peroxide available anywhere in the world. 

  • INTEROX® ST 35
  • INTEROX® ST 50
  • INTEROX® ST 60
  • INTEROX® ST 70


INTEROX® Chemical/Consumer Grade

INTEROX® Chemical/Consumer Grade is available in different concentrations: 35%, 50%, 60% and 70%.  This product range has a higher stability specification than the Standard grades, which is often required in the chemical industry and in consumer products where the H2O2 may be mixed or formulated with other compounds which may have a destabilizing effect on H2O2. 
Product and safety data sheets, specifications and advice regarding these products are available from Solvay.

  • INTEROX® CG 35
  • INTEROX® CG 50
  • INTEROX® CG 60
  • INTEROX® CG 70
INTEROX® Cosmetic Grade

The INTEROX® Cosmetic Grade product range is specially designed for application in cosmetic products where the customer requires a product with high levels of stability because the H2O2 will be diluted in the application and formulated with other compounds which may have a destabilizing effect on H2O2. 
As the customer’s end product will very often have a long distribution chain, with expectations with regards to shelf life, a well stabilized H2O2 is sought. 35% and 50% H2O2 products are available.

  • INTEROX® CO 35
  • INTEROX® CO 50
INTEROX® Food Grade

INTEROX® Food Grade products are designed to meet the requirements of the Food Chemical Codex, and are therefore suitable for applications where this standard is required.

INTEROX® Electronic Grade

Solvay INTEROX® Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is tailored to the needs of the electronic industry with a focus on the wet processing steps in the manufacture of semiconductor wafers.
Grades :

Product Safety and Environment issues are among our highest priorities.

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