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Peroxides Homecare and Personal Care Solutions

Supplying the Homecare and Personal Care industries with a wide range of Peroxide solutions

While the fundamentals of housekeeping date back generations, laundry and dishwashing have evolved quite substantially over the years. The modernization of these chores ushers in new, demanding customer expectations. Today, the expectation of long lasting whiter whites, tough stain removal, hygiene and color safe bleach extends beyond the laundry room ౼ consumers are looking for whiter and brighter teeth and hair colors.

Market snapshot

One major trend shaping this industry is the growing focus on sustainability ౼ both in terms of the raw materials used in product formulations as well as the sustainability of the processes we employ. For example, when it comes to laundry detergent, the industry seeks out sustainable ingredients that don’t leave behind a chemical footprint or accumulate in nature. At the same time, formulations need to effectively clean at lower temperatures and consume less energy. Lastly, detergents are expected to be tough on stains yet gentle on fabric, ensuring that garments can be washed and worn over and over again.

We have also observed a shift from powder to liquid detergents and a secondary shift towards single dose liquid tabs that attract the younger generation of consumers with eye catching colors, packaging and fragrant scents as well as the promise of convenience. In recent years, numerous tests conducted by consumer associations have confirmed that powder detergent containing bleach has unmatched stain removal and whiteness performance. Given these results, powdered detergent's market share is stabilizing ౼ even despite the popularity of liquid or unit dose alternatives. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly turning to powdered detergents to eliminate biofilm and bacteria responsible for malodor on clothes or in the machine itself.

Powdered dishwashing detergent is on the rise, driven primarily by the growing presence of automatic dishwashing machines in households across the world. While this has been relatively common in most of the developed world, huge growth is on the horizon in emerging countries that are just beginning to embrace automatic dishwashers.

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Our promise

When we do a load of laundry, our expectations are pretty straightforward: clean, stain-free clothing. This means whiter whites, brighter colors and hygienically clean results. The same goes for our dishes. That said, the majority of consumers are relatively unaware of the complex chemistry behind detergents.

Little known fact: Sodium Percarbonate bleach, one of the most effective stain removers and disinfectants, is only stable and compatible with other detergent ingredients in powder form. Liquid detergents, while visually attractive, simply cannot compete when it comes to removing tough stains or producing multi-cycle long lasting whiteness since bleach is not compatible with liquid detergent. On top of these benefits, percarbonate can be effective at just 20°C when combined with a bleach activator such as TAED. Unlike chlorine bleach alternatives, sodium percarbonate is an effective oxidizing bleach agent that is gentle on colors and fabrics and decomposes into naturally green products, such as water, oxygen and Soda Ash.

Over the years, Solvay has developed a deep-rooted expertise in the production of percarbonate and we are the only company in the world that is fully integrated with the production of its two raw materials: Hydrogen Peroxide and Soda Ash. Our standing ensures unparalleled security of supply, easing the minds of our clients around the world. We also pride ourselves on being a highly involved and informed partner to our clients. We collaborate to develop compatible, stable formulations and advise clients on the safe handling and storage of all our products.

Our Homecare Solutions


Laundry and bleach additives

Solvay’s EURECO™ serves as a powerful agent when it comes to bleaching, destaining, hygienizing and deodorizing laundry at low temperatures without activators. EURECO™ is specifically useful when designing compact powder detergents or unit doses with a mild pH for an even more delicate approach to fibers and colors.


Automatic dishwashing

A growing number of households are throwing out their sponges and instead, simply push a button and sit back while a little detergent tablet does the work. But tea-stained mugs, caked-on casserole dishes and greasy plates pose no small challenge. Solvay’s EURECO™ brings its bleaching and disinfecting power into dishwashing machines around the world. EURECO™ enhances the consumer experience especially when stubborn tea and coffee stains or bad odors are of specific concern. The high efficiency of its active ingredient, PAP (6-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid), also dramatically reduces the size of products without compromising performance.

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Our Personal Care Solutions


Oral, skin and hair care

A whiter, brighter smile is not just for silver screen starlets. Solvay’s EURECO™ acts as a powerful whitening and anti-plaque agent in toothpastes, whitening dental kits, denture care and mouthwashes. After a number of applications, oral care products formulated with EURECO™ produce visible whitening, a noticeable anti-plaque effect and long-lasting bacteria load reduction. When used on the skin, EURECO™ gently yet effectively balances sebum and treats acne and hyperpigmentation. For a vibrant permanent hair color, INTEROX® can be used to bleach hair and fix the new color onto each strand.

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