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Resources, environment and energy

Enabling a sustainable, high-performing future for resources, environment, and energy

Solvay offers a diverse range of solutions across the resources, environment, and energy sectors. Committed to enabling a more sustainable future by lowering our own emissions and helping our customers reduce theirs, we provide high-quality, high-performing technologies and products that combine market-leading results with environmental benefits. From air, soil, and water treatments to solutions for the energy, mining and oil, and gas sectors, we use our multi-sector expertise to protect the environment, while meeting customer demand for products and solutions that deliver. 


Air Treatment

Our SOLVAir® portfolio offers solutions that help reduce air pollutants and contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and safer planet. Incorporating sodium bicarbonate, a chemical compound that is at the heart of Solvay, SOLVAir® provides effective flue gas treatment. The range includes clean air solutions for Waste to Energy plants,  power plants and cement manufacturing or Marine industry, among other sectors. 

Soil Treatment

Solvay's soil remediation products enhance the recovery of diverse ecosystems impacted by industrial activities. Our calcium peroxide and magnesium peroxide based IXPER® solutions slowly decompose in moist soil, releasing oxygen and contributing to elevated soil oxygen levels and the development of microorganisms. 

Water Treatment 

Solvay’s versatile water treatment solutions meet environmental standards and enhance water quality offering sustainability, cost-efficiency, and high performance. Our INTEROX® hydrogen peroxides play a key role in water treatment providing environmentally conscious solutions that eliminate odors, remove color, and detoxify water, ensuring safe water reuse.

Our standard grade INTEROX® minimizes the generation of chlorinated byproducts, contributing to safer and better-tasting drinking water. The INTEROX® products also remove pollutants and hazards, eliminating metals like iron and manganese through flocculation. Additionally, the range is known for reducing traces of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in water-based industrial processes.  

Meanwhile, our OXYSTRONG® formulations combine peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide to provide highly effective microbial control for different environments. Our PAK® 27 solution is a sodium percarbonate algaecide that helps control algae in locations including lakes, ponds and water reservoirs – as does INTEROX®. 


Oil & Gas

CASO® POWDER is a synthetic calcium chloride of mineral origin, produced by Solvay’s soda ash process and designed for technical applications. While our biobased Augeo® solvent line, known for its high solubilization performance, is a leading alternative to glycols in this market. Our hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid solutions are used in the extraction of oil and gas, in the well stimulation phase, and in the treatment of water and effluents from offshore and onshore processes.  


Solvay is a leader in phenol production in Latin America. A global emphasis on alternative and sustainable energy has led to a surge in demand for epoxy resins derived from phenol and acetone applied in wind power. These are used in turbine generators, particularly rotor blades.