The world evolves and so does our chemistry

Augeo® is an innovative line of solvents developed from renewable source based on sustainability and high performance.

  • Produced from glycerin
  • Sustainable alternative to petrochemical solvents
  • High performance


This family of products is composed of versatile molecules, with high solubility power and low odor.

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Solvents are used in various applications such as paints and varnishes, printing inks, household and institutional cleaners, leather and many others.

Nowadays sustainable solvents are the largest growth among current solvents.

More than high performance solvents, they are aligned with the most restrictive global legislations as well as with enviromental needs.

They present low carbon footprint and are not toxic to humans or to environment.

That's the Augeo® proposal!

With proven performance, the Augeo® line has been gaining increasingly demanding markets because of its differentiated benefits.

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