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For a publicly traded companies like ours, transparency is essential for the proper valuation of the Solvay stock. This is why we work relentlessly at providing you (investors, analysts and shareholders) with reliable and timely financial information about our business performance and more colour on the company you invest in.

Financial reports / Financial results

Solvay discloses financial results, reporting and related information to external stakeholders (investors, analysts and shareholders) about how the Group is performing over a specific period of time.  The company issues financial reports on a quarterly and annual basis, which include the following sections:

  • the business and segment review

  • the income statement 

  • the statement of comprehensive income

  • the financial statements

  • the statement of cash flows

  • the statement of financial position or balance sheet

  • the statement of changes in equity

For more information, visit Solvay Earnings where we have compiled all the documentation related to Solvay’s financial results, including our quarterly earnings and financial reports.

Financial filings

As a listed company, Solvay complies with Belgian and European regulations regarding financial information as well as data protection, and takes great care to maintain strict compliance as regulations evolve.

All the Group’s financial information is delivered following due disclosure principles and processes to market authorities, analysts, investors and shareholders alike.

In the Financial filings section, we gathered all releases that were submitted since 2011, including annual accounts, by-laws, financial reports, annual reports, shareholders' meetings documentation and resolutions, inside information, report on payments to government and transparency declarations.

Annual reports

Solvay issues an annual report on an annual basis (early April). In 2012, we have decided to move from a more classical to an integrated thinking approach to emphasize how our business and product portfolio decisions have been made with both economic value creation and sustainability in mind.

The Annual Integrated Report is based on the guiding principles and content elements of Integrated Reporting, as established by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). It complies with Belgian legislation and governance code, the 2014/95/EU directive on non-financial reporting, IFRS financial reporting rules and <IR> guiding principles and content elements. 

All reports from 2007 onwards can be found in the Integrated reports section.

Statutory accounts

Solvay statutory  accounts – also known as annual accounts – are a set of financial reports prepared at the end of each financial year.  They are only available in French & Dutch.

Financial and extra financial data

In the Financial & extra financial data section, you will find Solvay’s main historical financial information: income statement, statement of comprehensive income, statement of financial position, cash flow statements, ESG data and segment information.

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