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Human Resources

Dare to put people first

Our human resources teams have one mission: supporting Solvay employees and their loved ones at every stage of life. Our employees’ health, happiness and wellbeing is our secret weapon, and as you join our Human Resources department, you’ll become its safekeeper.

Do you aspire to create a work environment where your colleagues can bring their whole self at work? Fair and equal pay, work/life balance, opportunities to speak up and solidarity are issues you deeply care about? Join our ranks and contribute to making Solvay a place of wellbeing and a fertile ground for innovative ideas.


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Higher education or specialization in human resources

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Meet your future colleagues and find out about some of our most ambitious human resources-related projects, from the Solvay Solidarity Fund to our worldwide paternity leave program.

Irene Bergonzi
Irene Bergonzi

“With One Pulse, employees can help us shape a better working place”

Sometimes, even the smallest project can have a defining impact on multinational companies like Solvay. When Irene, Global Product Manager in HR Technologies at Solvay, started working on an employee sentiment survey in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, little did she know that this project would eventually help improve Solvay’s management over the long term.

“One Pulse was initially conceived as a one-off survey, to take the pulse of the organization and provide Solvay leaders with insights on how to better help employees navigate the crisis. But it has now become much more than that,” Irene explains.

Every six weeks, Irene gets to coordinate a new One Pulse survey and gathers feedback from Solvay employees across the world. Questions revolve around the likes of wellbeing, inclusion or Solvay’s sustainability commitments, and the answers are used by Solvay leaders to shape new campaigns and initiatives. “I worked with an amazing group of people and together we planted a seed that keeps flourishing to this day. This is very rewarding,” Irene enthuses.

Geraldine Ceusters

“We’re leveling up wellbeing standards for all our colleagues”

One of Solvay’s guiding principles is to support employees through difficult times, and our Employee Assistance Program converts this idea into concrete action. Its goal? “Proposing access to mental health support for all employees,” Géraldine explains. 

Géraldine’s role was to coordinate the program’s deployment in different countries. “As an occupational psychologist, I’ve always been close to my colleagues and felt for what they were going through, especially during Covid times. It was important to come to them with real support and to set the bar high for mental health in all Solvay countries,” she says. With the program now in place, every employee can get external psychological support upon request.

“I've been working directly with a global supplier, with our purchasing team, and liaising with our HR representatives in different countries and sites. I learned how to drive an international project and could even manage the contractual side of services,” Géraldine concludes.

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