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Agriculture, feed and food

Market-leading solutions for agriculture, feed, and food

Solvay offers innovative solutions across the agrochemical, feed, and food industries. Our products range from feed supplements for livestock and fish, to disinfectants used for farming equipment and an extensive selection of food sector products.


Fluorinated products

About 30% of all new medicines and 50% of crop protection products in development contain fluorine. As a leader in fluorine chemistry, Solvay continues to push the boundaries of pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals, contributing to the advancement of these fields. Our range of fluorinated products include ETFBOSOLKANE®123TFATFACTFAH, TFAEtTFAip, TFAMe, and TFK. From esters and acetoacetates to alkanes, acids, and ketones, our state-of-the-art production processes ensure high-quality results at every stage. 

Equipment disinfection

Our advanced solutions like PROXITANE® and INTEROX®, play a crucial role in preventing the spread of pathogens by offering advanced cleaning. The products help ensure the health and safety of livestock, while also contributing to sustainable and responsible farming practices. They’re particularly popular for offering rapid biodegradability without toxic residue. 

Green solvents

Our range of oxygenated solvents, like Augeo® SL 191HGL, MIBCOL, Isopropanol, and Ethyl Acetate, are high-performance solutions that can solubilize the most complex agrochemical formulations. Featuring properties such as high purity, excellent solubility, high solvency power, fast evaporation and humectant properties, these solvents help improve efficiency and performance within agriculture. 



Solvay is committed to advancing sustainable and responsible agriculture and aquaculture practices. Our feed supplements for livestock and fish farming include Bicar®ZTixosil®, INTEROX® Paramove®, Caso® FeedAqualisan®, and IXPER® C. The products are designed to improve productivity, nutrient use, and the overall health of animals – offering benefits such as improving feed efficiency, preserving feed vitamin ratios, and eliminating waterborne pathogens. 

Solvay also produces Proxitane® AHC, a highly effective farming industry disinfectant that helps protect animals from disease and maintain a healthy breeding environment.