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Solvay’s Tixosil® silica range for Oral Care, Animal Nutrition and Food Applications is available in standard grades and Micropearl silica.  


Improving handling and more accurate dosing by providing a homogenous distribution of additives
• Preserving correct vitamin ratios
• Facilitating the mixing of two liquids in order to create one ingredient
• Permitting safer handling of corrosive ingredients and improving the transportation and storage of materials
• Silica acts as as an anti-caking agent in dry blends, enabling free-flowing powder to be obtained


Silica, a fine powder that covers the surface of host powders, creates surface roughness between particles that prevents them from clumping together, enabling particles
to flow freely. Further, because silica is hydrophilic, it:
• Contains moisture-absorbing properties that keep particles consistently dry & easy to manage, extending shelf life
• Allows for faster processing due to more accurate weighing on scales
• Eliminates blockage throughout equipment
• Systematic machine handling & storage processes

Oral Care

Tixosil® brings innovative solutions to various markets such as  Animal nutrition, Exfoliating formulations, Food and Oral Care.


Tixosil SoftClean™

The best compromise between cleaning needs and abrasion

Tixosil SoftClean™ is a polishing precipitated silica which allows a mild dentine abrasivity level while maintaining efficient cleaning power. This grade is particularly advisable for formulating toothpastes for children or those with sensitive gums.

The breakthrough product that opens new perspectives

Like all Tixosil® products dedicated to Oral Care applications, Tixosil SoftClean™ presents a high level of compatibility with different actives and flavours.

All Tixosil® applications

Tixosil® brings innovative solutions to various markets such as Agrochemicals, Animal nutrition, Construction, Exfoliating formulations, Food, Oral Care, Paint and Paper.

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