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Advanced precursors for phosphors, providing outstanding light, brightness and lifetime performance

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The Luminostar® range meets the challenging demand for new, more efficient phosphors with improved brightness and performance, and lower cost products, allowing technology expansion.

Developed for trichromatic (low-energy) lamps, Luminostar® is the broadest range of precursors to date designed for rare earth phosphors. 

Features & Benefits

The Luminostar® product range shows significant benefits:

  • High rare earth purity for enhanced luminescence
  • Controlled reactivity for easier processing
  • Tight control of physical and chemical characteristics leading to enhanced performance such as lifetime, brightness and color purity
  • Customized products combining controlled composition of multiple elements in various matrixes
  • Fine particle size for phosphors designs optimization


  • Low energy lamps, which consume 5 to 10 less energy than incandescent lamps, and last 8 to 15 times longer for a comparable light output
  • LCD & Plasma display panels  
  • Medical applications
Groundbraking scientific innovation that conserves Terbium
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