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Sustainability and safety in plastics foaming: ADCA spotlighted

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Azodicarbonamide, commonly called ADCA or ADA, is the market reference in the chemical blowing agent market for foamed plastics manufacture.

In 2012, ADCA was classified as a "Substance of Very High Concern" based on the classification of “Respiratory Sensitizer” by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). Two years after, ADCA was recommended to be included in the Annex XIV of REACH.

In 2019, the debate was reopened, causing important movements in the industry. The increased awareness of the potential damage to human health caused by ADCA combined with the rising sustainability trends in the plastics industry propelled the discussion. 

Although no official answer has been published by the European Commission for the inclusion of ADCA into the Annex XIV, the debate has not been closed. ADCA is still on the crosshairs of ECHA. 

A viable alternative matching ADCA characteristics without compromising on sustainability is needed.

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Alve-One®, the solution for sustainable plastic foams combining efficiency and hazardous-free formulations

Solvay Alve-One® foaming solutions are an innovative generation of high-performance and cost-effective chemical blowing agents based on 100% safe raw materials helping fulfil the plastic industry’s needs of moving towards a circular economy.

Alve-One® complex formulations:

  • are free of Substances of Very High Concern, including ADCA,

  • have no negative impact on human respiratory health

  • and are safe for workers to handle without compromising on efficiency and performances in plastic foaming.  

Alve-one wires

Engineered in collaboration with customers, independent research centers and European universities, Alve-One® solutions are conceived to be used in a wide range of resins (PVCs, EVA, rubber polyolefins and others). Each solution can be tailored to the needs of plastic foam manufacturers in a wide range of applications - from cables, cladding and vinyl flooring to pipes, automotive interior parts, footwear and packaging.

Alve-One® team supports our customers to be in the frontline of their market by helping them achieve their specific requirements of desired plastic's properties without compromising on sustainability: lightweight, odourless foams, low VOC emissions, enhanced recyclability, sound absorption, heat insulation, strength, shock absorbency, cushioning, electrical insulation, softness and others.


Alve-One® recognized as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

This recognization is given by the Solar Impulse Foundation to solutions allowing industries's profitability and environment protection.

Alve-One-Inovyl Awards 2019

Alve-One® awarded at Inovyn Awards 2019

Alve-One® chemical blowing agents have won the Silver prize at Inovyn Awards 2019. This prize is a strong recognition from the PVC industry on Alve-One® 's contribution to the sustainable use of additives in plastics.

Alve-One® explained in a video

Alve-One® explained in a video

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Alve-One®’s benefits

  • Collaborative development of the adequate Alve-One® formulation with our customers to fit their industrial process and needs

  • Efficient foaming solutions with a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparable to other foaming products

  • Safe-to-handle product for workers all along the value chain: no exposure to hazardous chemicals at any stage of the foaming agent life cycle

  • No harmful residues coming from Alve-One® are present on the end-foam

  • Low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or ammonia and its derivatives during and next to the foaming action

  • Alve-One® has a reduced environmental footprint by factor 20 (water use, CO2 emission…) compared to ADCA

  • By replacing hazardous material Alve-One makes recyclability of final product at the end of life easier

  • A continuous support of a highly-qualified technical and commercial team with a worldwide reach to simplify the adaptation of the formulation

Alve-One® is suitable to be used in a large range of applications

Alve-one building and construction

Building & Construction

Through our efficient and sustainable portfolio of solutions, our mission is to support the development of high quality products for energy-efficient, high thermal and acoustic comfortable buildings. By providing lightweight solutions for window profiles, wall cladding, wall covering, foamed pipes and others, we support our B&C customers to decrease their environmental impact.

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Alve-One  Insulation foams polyolefins


We accompany our customers in the insulation market by providing them sustainable and efficient foaming agents delivering lightweight foams hardly emitting Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or ammonia and its derivatives. By providing odourless and ready to use foams, we simplify the processes of our customers.

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We aim at supporting our footwear customers to deliver differentiating offers combining sustainable products with increased functionalities and smart design. Alve-One® solutions can fit different manufacturing processes and contribute in making footwear lightweight, flexible, and with a lower environmental impact.

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We accompany automotive industry’s stakeholders to comply with standards and regulations in their industry by providing them sustainable foaming agents producing foams hardly emitting volatile organic compounds (VOC), ammonia or any of its derivatives. The resulting lightweight foams contribute to reduce the environmental impact of auto parts.

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Alve One-flooring


We support the flooring industry to create high quality products with specific technical functionalities in terms of sound absorption, lightweighting, cushioning and comfort. Alve-One® 's low environmental footprint compared with other foaming solutions, enables to improve the end-product’s complete life cycle’s environmental footprint.

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Alve-one artificial leather


The wide range of plastics properties covered by Alve-One® allows us to provide solutions in a wide range of industries needing efficient and sustainable foaming agent solutions such as artificial leather, packaging, electrical, household goods, sports & leisure, among others.

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