Sustainable Foaming Solutions

Solvay's Alve-One® foaming solutions are based on a portfolio of ADCA-free chemical blowing agents that may be tailored to the needs of the thermoplastics, elastomers and PVC (rigid and flexible) producers. Those solutions include the continuous support of a highly-qualified technical and commercial team with a worldwide reach.

Alve-One®'s sustainable foaming solutions will support our customers to be in the frontline of their market segments by helping them achieve their specific requirements of desired plastic's properties: insulation, strength, lightweight, cushioning, softness, appearance.


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Alve-One®’s benefits

  • A cost efficient solution;
  • A low process and formulation adaptation effort; 
  • An enhanced respect for environment; 
  • And finally, an improvement of workers’ safety conditions regarding exposure to hazardous chemicals. 


Alve-One® is suitable to be used in a large range of applications


Pedro Pinto

Market Development Manager Solutions for Foamed Applications

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Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions for plastic foaming to accompany the automotive sector in the reduction of CO2 emissions and in the compliance of new and stricter regulations through lightweighting. Alve-One™  tailor-made solutions will contribute to this goal in accordance with automotive parts’ state-of-the-art design and functionalities.




Our tailor-made plastic foaming solutions will enable you to create high quality products with specific technical functionalities in terms of surface aspect, cushioning, comfort and sound absorption while improving the product and process’ environmental footprint.

Alve One-flooring


We aim at supporting our customers to supply the market with a differentiating offer combining sustainable products with increased functionalities and smart design. Alve-One™ tailor-made solutions can fit different manufacturing processes and contribute in making footwear lightweight, flexible, breathable and much more. 


Building & Construction

Through our efficient and sustainable portfolio of solutions, our mission is to support the development of high quality products for energy-efficient, high thermal and acoustic comfortable buildings.

Alve-One -Building and construction


Electrical and electronic, household goods, packaging, sport & leisure.


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Pedro Pinto

Market Development Manager Solutions for Foamed Applications

In the development of plastic materials, producers consider all aspects of safety, health and environmental impacts throughout the life cycle as part of their Responsible Care® program and the obligations of the REACH regulation.

In 2012, the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) classified ADCA as a "Substance of Very High Concern" based on the classification of ‘Respiratory Sensitizer’. Two years after, ADCA was recommended to be included on the Annex XIV. 

The awareness of the potential damages to human health caused by ADCA has increased among different groups of people. Industrial workers are demanding better working conditions while associations and end-consumers are asking  for safer products.

The pushback from these groups towards the use of ADCA is an opportunity to develop alternative foaming solutions.

Alve-One™, an ADCA-free blowing agent combining efficiency and sustainability
Because we understand that the market is changing, we want to accompany you in your path towards increased sustainability through solutions capable of delivering, as a minimum, the same performance of ADCA  - without the risks to human health and to the environment!

Don’t wait until the regulations impose you the way to go... 
…be the driver of your transformation!

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