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Building and Construction

Creating the chemistry at the core of sustainable construction

Sustainability is a guiding principle in the design, construction, and operation of modern buildings. Whether it is improved energy efficiency, eco-design or healthier environments, the construction industry is shifting toward higher performing, more sustainable materials. Solvay’s innovative products and solutions are found throughout today’s buildings, from paints and plumbing to insulation and glass.

Our biodegradable solvents are used to enhance sustainability in architectural paints, inks, and adhesives. In the glass industry, we produce advanced solutions that significantly improve the quality and efficiency of glass production. We enable market-leading cement and concrete through a versatile range of oxygenated solvents, mineral-sourced accelerators, and mechanical strength enhancers. While our phenol applied in resins plays a key role in shaping the future of wood frame construction. And our high-performance fillers help optimize plumbing systems, delivering improved durability and reduced noise. 


We produce a range of solvents that improve coatings across the building industry. Augeo® SL 191 is a bio-based non-corrosive solvent with a low odor profile and low volatility that helps enhance sustainability across a range of coatings applications. While Hexylene Glycol (HGL) is an oxygenated solvent with low evaporation rates that is entirely miscible with water.  


Solvay offers a range of products that are integral to glass manufacturers. SODA SOLVAY® DENSE has long been the trusted choice for the glass production process. Its exceptional granular properties makes it virtually dust-free and reduces the risk of separation during transport and handling. Our cost-effective Cerox® solution is tailored to our customer’s polishing needs and application conditions, enhancing polishing productivity and contributing to the highest surface quality, particularly in architectural glass applications. AMBI® - Ammonium Bifluoride is a versatile agent used in matt etching and polishing mixtures for float glass sheets. While Potassium Bifluoride is employed across the construction material industry to facilitate matt etching. Our Special Chem portfolio plays a key role in glass polishing, while soda ash remains a key component in glass manufacturing. 

Cement and concrete

Our biodegradable solvent Hexylene Glycol (HGL) has become increasingly indispensable in concrete and mortar applications, acting as an effective shrinkage-reducing admixture. Sourced from minerals and renowned for its purity, CASO® TEC excels in accelerating concrete hardening, reducing setting time by more than 50%, even in low-temperatures. While Calcium Sulfate - Anhydrite plays a crucial role in enhancing the mechanical strength of construction materials, offering shrinkage inhibition and precise control over set times. For floor screeds, plasters, and mortar formulations, our synthetic gypsum Anhydrite increases material strength while controlling set times and inhibiting shrinkage. 


The phenol we produce is applied to phenolic resins to ensure high materials durability and plays a significant role in wood frame construction. While our Solsys® Coat MA and Solsys® Coat IBA oxygenated solvents ensure high solubilization performance and competitiveness for wood coatings.

Heating & Cooling

Nocolok® brazing solutions play a vital role in the Commercial & Residential Air Conditioning sector's quest for enhanced efficiency and performance. Leveraging Nocolok® technology, manufacturers optimize heat transfer processes, reducing temperature differentials between airflows and refrigerant phase change temperatures. This innovative approach not only improves system efficiency but also aligns with evolving regulations on energy efficiency and refrigerant usage. With Nocolok®, air conditioning systems achieve greater sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and overall performance, meeting the dynamic demands of today's market..  

High-performance fillers for plumbing systems

Our key solution for plumbing fillers, Blanc Fixe, avoids abrasion with 99% purity and delivers high specific density – delivering excellent performance over a long period of time. We produce several grades suitable for use as additives or fillers in plumbing noise reduction, giving manufacturers of plumbing components and pipes a range of options.