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Solvay's Purpose

We are mastering the elements essential to our world

Our purpose at Solvay is to master the elements that are crucial to our world, delving into their nature and function to unlock their full potential. Through constant process innovation, we enhance our ability to deliver solutions that have a meaningful impact on individuals and communities worldwide. This dedication to understanding and optimizing essential chemistry is the compass guiding our work, providing direction and focus at both the individual and collective level. Our products, though invisible, are vital and at the heart of everyday life.

Our foundation

Solvay is founded on innovation, transformative thinking and the ability and willingness to disrupt. A lineage we can trace all the way back to our freethinking founder Ernest Solvay and the pioneering approach that led to his revolutionary discovery in 1863 of a new process for producing soda ash. 

Today, we continue to embrace these values, putting the perpetual quest for excellence and the search for new and improved solutions at the heart of everything we do. Because when it comes to mastering the potential of chemistry and unlocking its almost endless possibilities – we don’t believe in compromising. 

For more than 160 years, we have drawn on our passion for and in-depth knowledge of science to create products, technologies and solutions that drive progress, enhance quality of life, and help the world to thrive. And we plan to continue doing so for generations to come. 

At Solvay, we’re always reinventing ourselves, challenging what we think we know to advance science and society. We believe immobility is the enemy of scientific progress. Because innovation cannot flourish in stagnation; it needs movement, intellectual agility, and fresh new ideas to thrive. 

Culture at Solvay

Our culture is centered around the pioneering spirit that drove our founder, Ernest Solvay. We are all working with the same essential elements and raw materials, and in accordance with the same fundamental laws of chemistry and physics. We believe it’s our mastery of those elements that sets our business apart. 

It is a mastery that is not only based on our deep knowledge and experience, but on our willingness to ask questions and push boundaries and our commitment to achieving the best. Allowing us to drive today’s innovations and enable tomorrow’s great discoveries.  

We draw on a rich heritage of scientific excellence, with a vision, purpose and culture built around the ambition to have the greatest possible impact on the world. Creating solutions that enhance everyday life and contribute to a sustainable future.