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Consumer goods and healthcare

Sustainable solutions for modern living

Customers across all industries are increasingly looking for products that offer a reduced environmental impact, while maintaining the highest standards for longer. At Solvay we’re committed to meeting those demands and delivering premium, sustainable consumer goods raw materials. We’re leading the way in a wide range of consumer goods fields, from personal and home care, to air care, textiles, and household items: offering safe, effective, and high-quality solutions.  

Air care

The demand for natural ingredients in perfumes and cosmetics continues to shape industry trends. Our Augeo® Clean Multi enhances fragrance dilution in reed diffusers, sprays, candles, and electrical plug-ins. And our acetone-derived Hexylene Glycol (HGL) acts as a biodegradable solvent or coupling agent for many air care products. 

Surface care

Our bio-based Augeo® solvent range also makes cleaning products more efficient and enhances the stability of cleaning formulations. It has a minimal carbon footprint and its subtle scent improves the fragrance of products such as multipurpose cleaners, as well as kitchen, oven, and bathroom cleaners.

Fabric care, laundry and bleach additives

Solvay’s advanced bleach additives are at the forefront of the consumer goods industry, catering to consumer priorities such as long-lasting white fabrics, effective stain removal, high hygiene standards, and color-safe bleach. Our EURECO solution improves bleaching, destaining, sanitizing, and deodorizing at low temperatures without activators. Its mild pH formula is ideal for powder detergents and unit doses, preserving fibers and colors with care.

Dish care

Our EURECOTM dish care solution targets stubborn stains and unpleasant odors. The high efficiency of its active ingredient PAP (6-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid) significantly reduces product packaging size without compromising on results. 

Oral care

Our dental hygiene solutions include EURECO™ HC with PAP, which offers potent teeth whitening, anti-plaque properties, and bacteria reduction. It’s an ideal sustainable bleach alternative with an ecotoxicological friendly profile. 

As a leader in the production of precipitated silica, our TIXOSIL® silicas provide excellent polishing and cleaning. The range features Tixosil SoftClean™, which combines low dentin abrasivity with high cleaning efficiency – making it particularly well suited to formulating toothpaste for children and for individuals with sensitive gums. Our high-quality sodium bicarbonate BICAR® is a safe cleaning agent with low abrasivity and high fluoride compatibility making it ideal for consumers favoring softer dental products.

Personal care

SOLSYS® Bio Etac is an ethyl acetate made from sugarcane-derived renewable ethanol. With its high solvency power and evaporation profile, it’s ideal for the personal care and cosmetics markets and is used in nail polish and removers, skincare, and fragrances. Our personal care offering also comprises Hexylene Glycol (HGL), crucial in makeup removal. HGL makeup removers boast high solubilization power and low surface tension, enhancing product wettability and spreadability on the skin and improving texture.

Footwear and textile

The minerals-based Alve-One® is a non-hazardous and eco-friendly chemical foaming agent free of substances of very high concern (SVHCs). It has been developed by Solvay for the thermoplastic industry and easily adapts to different formulations and process conditions.

Rhodiacid® is a high-purity adipic acid, suitable for shoe soles and synthetic leather, while Augeo SL 191® is a high-performance bio-based solvent that works well in leather applications due to its almost imperceptible odor.  

The Solvay textile range offers sustainable options for clothing, accessories, automotive, and upholstery. Our advanced polyamides include Amni Soul Eco®, the world's first polyamide yarn, which enables the microplastics to decompose at an accelerated pace after being discarded. 

Solvay’s textile portfolio also comprises Emana®, a polyamide 6.6 smart yarn with far infrared technology that helps enhance sports performance and boasts skin boosting properties. While Bio Amni®, our first partially bio-based polyamide 5.6, caters to the rising demand for sustainable textile alternatives.

Household goods

SODA SOLVAY® DENSE is the preferred grade of soda ash for use in the glass, silica, and metallurgy industries. Its granular properties ensure a dust-free environment and minimize the risks of separation during transport and handling. RHODIANYL is a new PA66 polymer that is customized for small appliance manufacturing. It incorporates a range of polymers for the engineering plastics and consumer goods markets.