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Elevating healthcare through innovative technologies

From advanced dialysate fluids and solutions that enhance diagnostic imaging, to 

pharmaceutical manufacturing support and products that sterilize and disinfect, Solvay is active across the healthcare space. We’re committed to delivering excellence in the healthcare sector and contributing to improving patient outcomes. 

Optimizing dialysis with Bicar®pharma

Bicar®pharma is a high-quality sodium bicarbonate, crucial for producing dialysate fluid used in dialysis. The industry leading Bicar®pharm solution provides a buffer for the dialysate and meets the highest good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards. It’s specifically designed for hemodialysis, enhancing the efficiency and dependability of the procedure. Solvay is able to not only ensure the consistent high quality of the product, but also a secure and reliable supply. 

Advancing diagnostic imaging with special chem products

Our Special Chem products, such as Gadolinium Oxide and Lutetium Oxide, play a crucial role in enhancing diagnostic imaging technologies. From serving as a contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to contributing to crystal growth for positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, these products help improve diagnostic precision and patient outcomes. A key benefit includes enhanced scan clarity.

Innovative solutions across the healthcare spectrum

Solvay’s diverse collection of innovative solutions address a wide range of issues and areas across the healthcare sector, from disinfecting agents and targeted solutions for medical devices to materials for pharmaceutical sterilization and packaging. Proxitane® is a safe and powerful disinfectant that destroys microorganisms like fungi, viruses, and bacteria and is especially useful in disinfecting hemodialysis machines. 

Our versatile hydrogen peroxide-based Interox® portfolio includes pH grades designed for wound and contact lens disinfection. It also comprises sterile grades for the safe and highly effective disinfection of devices such as pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.