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Our markets

Solvay: Mastering the essential elements across industries

At Solvay, we apply our scientific experience and chemistry expertise to multiple markets, providing leading, sustainable solutions to customers all over the world. Whether helping power the agriculture, healthcare and automotive sectors with state-of-the-art solutions or offering effective, high-quality products across consumer goods, energy, and environment, we’re committed to driving innovations that sustainably improve daily life. 

Agriculture, feed and food

Solvay offers innovative solutions for the agrochemical, feed, and food industries, from feed supplements for livestock and fish, to disinfectants used for farming equipment, and products that prolong the shelf life of perishable goods. Explore how our comprehensive solutions support sustainable and responsible practices across agriculture, feed, and food. 


We help auto manufacturers offer safer, more sustainable and more energy-efficient mobility. Our automotive portfolio comprises coatings and battery solutions, as well as emission control catalysts and bio-based silica for tires that significantly improve efficiency. Discover how our high-performance solutions are enabling a new era of automotive technology.

Building and construction

Solvay creates the chemistry at the core of sustainable construction, essential to everything from paints and plumbing to insulation and glass. Explore our innovative materials and solutions and discover the crucial role they play in helping the building and construction industry move towards a future powered by higher performing, more sustainable materials.

Consumer goods and healthcare

At Solvay, we’re creating sustainable solutions for modern living. Our range of consumer goods offers safe, effective, and high-quality products with a lower environmental impact across areas such as personal, air and oral care, as well as household items and textiles. Within healthcare, our solutions include products that enhance diagnostic imaging, sterilize and disinfect and provide pharmaceutical manufacturing support. 


We’re advancing a new era of sustainable, high-performance electronic solutions – from semiconductors to smartphones. Discover how we’re redefining manufacturing processes to make them more precise and sustainable, and developing the precipitated carbonates central to lightweighting and miniaturized electronic components. 

Industrial applications

Solvay creates cutting-edge solutions designed to help industrial manufacturers meet strict environmental regulations while maintaining stringent quality control. Learn how our innovative, sustainable solutions are helping optimize a wide range of applications for industrial use: from inks, paints and varnishes to industrial coatings and cleaning products.

Resources, environment and energy

We’re enabling a sustainable, efficient future across the resources, environment, and energy sectors. From air, soil, and water treatments to solutions for the energy, mining and oil, and gas sectors. Explore the high-quality, high-performing Solvay technologies and products that combine market-leading results with sustainable advantages.