Following the transparency declarations that are required for shareholdings exceeding the thresholds of 3 and 5% (and multiples thereof), Solvay's major shareholders are:

Company Nb Voting rights % Voting rights Date
Solvac 32,511,125 30.71% July 4, 2016
SSOM 3,177,067 3.013% March 22, 2018 
Blackrock Inc 3,368,779 3.18% September 7, 2018
  • With 30.71% of Solvay’s shares, Solvac is the main shareholder of Solvay. Solvac is listed on Euronext Brussels. Its shares, all of which are registered, may be held by physical persons only. The very large majority (around 80%) of its capital is held by members of the families of the founders of Solvay S.A.
  • Solvac SA is presumed to exercise de facto control over Solvay SA, and thereby Solvay Stock Option Management (SSOM), on the basis of Article 5, §3, 2nd para. of the Belgian companies code.

Threshold notifications

Solvay’s bylaws require any shareholder holding voting rights equal to 3% or more of the existing voting rights to declare this shareholding to the company and to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Any crossing above or below the first threshold of 3% and thereafter the threshold of 5%, 7.5% or any multiple of 5% is object to the above mentioned declaration.

According to the Belgian transparency legislation in force (Law of May 2, 2007 – Royal Decree of February 14, 2008), the denominator to take into account for the declaration is 105,876,416 shares.

All required information is available in the practical Guide CBFA_2008_16 of March 14, 2011 available on the website of the FSMA as well as the form to be used: TR-1 BE issued by the FSMA.

The form duly completed shall be transmitted electronically to:

  • The FSMA at: with the mention of the transmission date, the subject and the issuer name, and subsequently, for reasons of legal certainty, by fax to +32 2 220 59 12
  • Solvay at: and subsequently, for reasons of certainty, by fax to +32 2 264 38 90


Solvay shares are listed on:

  • Euronext Brussels, the primary listing where the share is part of the BEL20 index
  • Euronext Paris, where Solvay joined the CAC40 index in 2012
  • Solvay shares are also traded over the counter (OTC) as a Level 1 sponsored American Depository Receipt (ADR) since 2016

Solvay endeavors to perform strongly on both financial and extra-financial indexes, striving at all times to earn and retain the confidence and support of all its stakeholders. We use feedback from ratings agencies as a benchmark and an indicator of our stakeholders’ main concerns. This directly impacts on our own priorities.

Main indexes  
BEL 20

Solvay is a long-time component of the Brussels-based BEL 20 index.

CAC 40 Solvay has been listed on the CAC 40 index, based in Paris, since September 2012, following the company’s merger with Rhodia.

An international organization, Carbon Disclosure Project analyzes how companies integrate climate change in their strategies. Solvay is in the middle range in its sector, scoring “B” in climate, water and forests.

+ internal carbon price, climate change risk process
- targets not verified by SBTi


Supplier sustainability ratings, EcoVadis ranked Solvay Gold, with a score of 77/100.

+ labor practices, fair business practices, environment, sustainable procurement

Ethibel Sustainability 
Solvay has been reconfirmed as a constituent of the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe since September 20, 2017.
Euronext 100 This pan-European index is made up of the one hundred largest and most liquid stocks traded on Euronext. Solvay is currently one of eleven Belgian constituents of the index.

Solvay has an absolute score on FTSE’s ethical investment index of 3.8/5, and its score relative to its peers is 98%.

+ top 10% of “super-sector” companies
- governance, climate change, health and safety, labor standards

Oekom Research

Solvay is rated as a “Prime” company – with a score of B- – by the German ethical ratings agency, ranking among the leaders in chemicals.

+ eco-efficiency, governance criteria
- water management, use of alternative raw materials, product stewardship, staff and supplier management


Solvay has joined the DJSI World Index and is ranked 11th.

+ materiality analysis, human rights policy, impact measurement and valuation.
- operational eco-efficiency, water-related risks, product stewardship management

Vigeo Eiris

Solvay is a constituent of the Euronext Vigeo World Index. Its performance is considered to be robust and stable.

+ environmental strategy and eco-design, promotion of labor relations, non-discrimination
- environmental impact of transport, waste management, development of green products & services, executive remuneration.

Others Solvay shares are incorporated in numerous other weighted stock market indexes, including the STOXX family (DJ Stoxx and DJ Euro Stoxx), the FTSE 300, and the MSCI index.

In Belgium, the Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA) is legally entrusted with the supervision of the financial sector and financial services.  

For more information on its role (among others regulatory texts, corporate governance, notifications, warnings, etc.), please visit the FSMA website.