Solvay stock is listed on Euronext Brussels & Paris, compartment A

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Deferred settlement service (SRD - système de règlement différé) 


Shares savings plan PEA (plan d'épargne en actions)


International tax exemption

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Solvay stock is also listed on the OTC markets

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Solvay stock is included in major indices

Bel20, CAC Next 20, STOXX family (DJ Stoxx and DJ Euro Stoxx), MSCI index, Euronext 100 as well as the DJSI World Index, the MSCI Index and the FTSE4Good, one of the key indices for socially responsible investment. Indeed Solvay endeavors to perform strongly on both financial and extra-financial indexes, striving at all times to earn and retain the confidence and support of all its stakeholders. 

Additional indices: Carbon Disclosure Project, EcoVadis, Ethibel Sustainability, Oekom Research, Vigeo Eiris...


Solvay stock has been awarded the following grades by credit rating agencies

We use feedback from credit ratings agencies as a benchmark and an indicator of our stakeholders’ main concerns. This directly impacts on our own priorities.


Long term

Short term


Standard & Poor’s (May 8, 2017)




Moody's (August 3, 2017)




More information on Solvay financial debt can be found in the Bond information section. 

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Investor relations
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Analysts coverage & consensus

In an effort to increase the transparency towards the financial community, Solvay has chosen Vara Research, an independent service provider, to collect the most recent analysts’ estimates.

Solvay is covered by various financial analysts providing their own analyses and earnings estimates on the company.

Companies Lead Analyst
ABN AMRO Mutlu Gundogan
Baader bank Markus Mayer 
Bank of America Merryll Lynch Matthew Yates
Barclays Alex Stewart 
Berenberg Sebastian Bray

Mubasher Chaudhry

Crédit Suisse Chris Counihan 
Degroof Petercam Nathalie Debruyne
Deutsche Bank Virginie Boucher-Ferte
Equita Massimo Bonisoli
Exane Laurent Favre
Goldman Sachs Georgina Iwamoto
HSBC Martin Evans
ING Stijn Demeester
Jefferies Laurence Alexander
JP Morgan

Chetan Udeshi

KBC Securities Wim Hoste
Kepler Capital Markets

Martin Roediger

Macquarie James Knight
Mainfirst Andreas Heine
Morgan Stanley Charlie Webb
Oddo Emmanuel Matot
Société Générale

Peter Clark


Ben Gorman

An attractive dividend policy

Solvay’s policy is to propose a dividend increase to its shareholders whenever possible. For over 30 years, the dividend has been stable or has gradually increased, and has never been reduced.

Our yearly dividend is paid in two instalments:

  1. an interim dividend (typically 40% of the previous year’s total dividend), plus a balance payment for the final dividend. The interim dividend is announced with the Third Quarter Results and paid in January.
  2. the final dividend is announced in February, along with our Full Year Results, and is paid after the yearly Shareholders Meeting, in May.

Paying agent

  • KBC Bank nv, Havenlaan 2 – 1080 Brussels (Belgium)
  • CBC Banque SA, Grand-Place 5 – 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

Dividend payments for the fiscal year 2019 will be available in October 2019
Dividend payments for the fiscal year 2018

Solvay will pay an interim dividend relating to financial year 2018 according to the following timetable: 

Decision by the Board of Directors Wednesday 7 november 2018
Payment Thursday 17  January 2019
Record date* (dematerialized shares)  Wednesday 16 January 2019
Quotation ex-dividend from Tuesday 15 January 2019
Notification of the operations relative to registered shares, at the latest Tuesday 8 January 2019

* last day of recording of the dematerialized shares with Euroclear


Solvay will pay a final dividend relating to financial year 2018 according to the following timetable (upon the shareholders' approval during the Shareholders’ Meeting of May 14, 2019)

Decision by the Board of Directors Tuesday 26 February 2019
Payment Thursday 23 May 2019
Record date* (dematerialized shares)  Wednesday 22 May 2019
Quotation ex-dividend from Tuesday 21 May 2019
Notification of the operations relative to registered shares, at the latest Tuesday 14 May 2019

* last day of recording of the dematerialized shares with Euroclear

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The dividend can directly be paid on your bank account.

Major company shareholders list

Solvay SA capital amounts to €1,588,146,240 and Solvay stock is divided into 105,876,416 issued shares. 


Solvay shareholder structure

As of December 31, 2018, Solvay shareholder structure is the following, based on our shareholders’ notifications:

Solvay shareholder structure december 31 2018
Company shareholder structure on Dec. 31, 2018

Solvay received the following declarations in 2018:

  • Solvac SA gave notice that it held 30.71% of Solvay’s share capital and therefore voting rights on December 31, 2018;

  • Solvay Stock Option Management SPRL notified Solvay, through Solvac SA, that its shareholding and voting rights amounted to 2.72% on December 31, 2018;

  • Blackrock Inc., an institutional investor, gave notice on October 2, 2018, that it holds a 3.40% interest and and therefore voting rights.

The remaining shares for approximately 63% are thereby held by institutional and retail shareholders, with an individual shareholding not exceeding 3%.

Who is Solvay major shareholder?


Solvay’s major shareholder is Solvac SA, which holds more than 30% of Solvay’s share capital. Solvac SA is a public limited liability company established under Belgian law, founded in 1983. Its assets consist exclusively of the Solvay shares, thereby contributing to the anchorage of Solvay. Solvac shares are traded on Euronext Brussels. It has approximately 14,000 shareholders. Among them, more than 2,300 persons are related to the founding families of Solvay, which combined hold approximately 77% of the Solvac shares.

Solvay Stock Option Management

Solvay Stock Option Management SPRL, is an indirect subsidiary of Solvay, and hold 2.72% of Solvay’s capital through shares and purchase options combined. These are held as part of the Group's strategy to hedge the risk linked to stock options granted by Solvay to senior executives of the Group.

Threshold notifications

Solvay’s by-laws require any shareholder holding voting rights equal or superior to 3% to declare this shareholding to the company and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Any crossing of the first threshold of 3% and thereafter of 5%, 7.5% or any multiple of 5% is subject to this declaration.

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How to submit a transparency declaration?


Transparency declarations