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About Solvay

Our strategy

Ensuring continuous progress for our planet and its people

At Solvay, we are mastering the elements essential to our world. We believe in science and we thrive on process innovation. Informed by and contributing to megatrends, our journey spans many sectors including agriculture, feed and food, automotive, construction, consumer goods and healthcare, electronics, resources, environment, energy and industrial applications. And it’s our aim to maintain market leadership while supplying a diverse range of end markets supporting our vision.

We recognize the growing need for sustainable products which is why we focus on applications that help shape a future where everyone thrives. With a history that spans over 160 years of pioneering science, mastering process innovation and reinvention is intrinsic to our business. From our early days with soda ash to advancements in peroxide technology, we remain committed to continued innovation and to perfecting the science of essential chemistry for generations to come. 

We’re not just adapting to a changing world; we’re looking to lead it, crafting a path to a sustainable future that others in our industry might follow.

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Our strategic priorities 

To help us deliver on our goals, we have a strong visionary strategy centered around four core priorities:

Market leadership

We remain committed to maintaining and growing market leadership. From Peroxides and Soda Ash & Derivatives, to Silica, Coatis and Special Chem, Solvay divisions occupy leading positions in a range of markets. 

Cost and process leadership

We’re focused on reducing cost through simplification and standardization, supporting our business and our customers in sustaining a competitive advantage. Our process innovation leadership helps us identify opportunities to streamline and reduce cost in our supply chain, deliver leaner and more efficient operations, and improve energy efficiency, among other key aspects. 

Energy transition

It’s our goal to deliver carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of our sustainability commitments. Not only do we care deeply about the future of our planet, but we also believe that sustainability drives profitability. By committing to caring for the environment and supporting the energy transition, we can preserve our competitive advantage while creating a better world for everyone.

Capital discipline 

Capital discipline is key and it’s an area in which Solvay excels. We have a demonstrated track record in the art of making prudent and strategic use of cash and implementing comprehensive cash allocation strategies. These considerations will remain at the forefront of our thinking, helping us safeguard dividends and create greater value for stakeholders.

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