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Rubber. Ideally suited to aerospace applications. Features and Benefits: Fluoroelastomer rubber with excellent resistance to high temperatures and pressure as well as inherent resistance to prepreg volatile gasses. Excellent physical properties and no need for a lengthy oven post-cure cycle.
Non-porous PTFE-coated plain weave fibreglass cloth which is designed as a release fabric which will prevent resin from bleeding through the release fabric and into the breather fabric. Works up to 550 °F (288°C).
Beige,porous PTFE-coated plain weave fibreglass cloth,resistant to all solvents,adhesives and resin systems normally encountered in composite and metal-bond manufacture. Works up to 550 °F (288 °C).
Tan coloured lightweight PTFE coated glass fabric which allows excess resin,volatiles and trapped air to bleed through and be absorbed into the breather,or vented away from the assembly,operating in temperatures up to 608°F (320°C).
Highly conformable breather used for complex composite cures combined with bagging kit to allow for minimal touch labor in bag fit. High stretch and absorptive qualities reduce bridging on complex contour surfaces.
Medium weight nylon 6.6 peel ply for use directly against laminates or bond lines,imparting a very fine weave pattern upon removal from the laminate. Approved on various aerospace specifications and can be used up to 450°F (232°C).
Lightweight nylon 6.6 which has been heat set and scoured for use directly against laminates or bond lines. Imparts a very fine weave pattern upon removal from the laminate and can be used up to 450 °F (232 °C).