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Together with 310 businesses and investors, we signed an open letter calling on robust U.S. climate action.

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It’s a no brainer, science is clear. Year after year, tons of scientific literature has been produced confirming earlier Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) forecasts: global temperature is on a constant rise and growing number of climate-related events are calling for our concrete actions. Through Solvay One Planet, we are putting our expertise at the service of the one planet we share, to curb emissions worldwide.

When it comes to climate and biodiversity, our goal by 2030 is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations at planetary-scale and commit to curbing C02 emissions worldwide together with our customers.

Striving for 3 climate goals


Greenhouse Gas Emissions reduction: tackling our footprint on climate

Nature and landscapes of Greenland

We aim at double the rate at which we reduce emissions, with a goal of curbing greenhouse gas emissions by 26% and aligning its trajectory with the “well below 2°C temperature increase” goal outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

In 2018, we were among the first chemical companies to decouple our growth from our greenhouse gas emissions and to commit to a reduction by a million tons by 2025 in absolute value and at constant scope. Today, it’s time to further raise the bar by doubling our ambition to decarbonization.

How will we reach our goals?

To integrate climate-related challenges in our investment decisions, we apply an internal carbon price of €50 per metric ton CO2 equivalent on all our greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, we are ready to switch to renewable and low carbon energies, improve energy transition continuously and develop clean technologies to reduce GHG emissions released by chemical processes. To make sustainability an integral part of the entire value chain, we are ready to explore Circular economy business models as an additional lever to zero-emissions challenge and preview metric on GHG emissions of operations in senior management remuneration.


Eliminating the use of coal


Coal firing, in addition to being one of the highest CO2 emitting energy sources, also emits NOx, SOx and particulate matter in air emissions but also phosphate and heavy metals in water from the leaching of coal mining spoil.

By 2030 we will not build new coal-powered plants and commits to phase out the use of coal in energy production globally wherever renewable alternatives exist.



Reducing pressure on biodiversity


Biodiversity and its vital contributions to earth life are massively deteriorating worldwide. At the origin of this evolution is climate change, but also other pressures generated by human activities. At Solvay, we have worked on a way to analyze our impacts on biodiversity and have performed a first product life cycle and eco profile assessment.

We actively plan to reduce our pressure by 30% on biodiversity in
areas such as terrestrial acidification, water eutrophication and marine ecotoxicity.


Increasing business impact across the entire value chain

Among our climate-positive market solutions, 23% of them have already contributed to reducing our customers’ overall climate impact, equaling a sales impact of 2.2b€ in 2019.

Based on our new Solvay One Planet agenda, we will measure emissions reduction with our customers and suppliers and throughout the complete value chain. As an example of this approach, we learnt that thanks to our scale inhibitor solutions for alumina producers, MAX HT®, it is reducing the emissions of our top 20 customers by about 2 million tons of CO2. That’s about 20 percent of the total emissions of a city like Brussels.


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