SDGs 14 Life Below Water
SDGs 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
SDGs 6 Clean Water and Sanitation

Making for better use of precious resources

Our planet’s resources are finite. At the pace and fashion we consume today, we would need 3 - 5 earths to cater for our ever-growing appetite for resources. It’s time for a paradigm change that helps our industries to reduce the use of resources, augment longevity of products and materials and move towards a more circular business model.

Our GOAL by 2030 is to preserve the resources of our planet by accelerating the transition toward circular business and operations models.


Setting 4 goals for sustainable resources


Increasing water use efficiency

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Water, the most important liquid in our ecosystem, is a basic resource that guarantees the life of all living beings on the planet. But the growing water pollution puts a severe strain on biodiversity, aquatic ecosystems and humankind. The causes of water pollution are multiple and range from industrial waste, pesticide use in agriculture, the negative impact of rising temperatures all the way to the consequences of deforestation for groundwater. 

Solvay One Planet addresses the stringent need for nature capital preservation and conservation which underpins the economy, society and human well-being.

We aim at diminishing its impact on freshwater withdrawal by reducing its intake of freshwater by 25%.

By augmenting our water efficiency and recycling initiatives we want to contribute to the preservation of these scarce resources and counter the negative impact on freshwater.


Accelerating the circular economy

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Leveraging our partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate the Group’s contribution to the circular economy. Its goal is to more than double the sales of products based on renewable or recycled resources to 15% of turnover for +15% in renewable or recycled products while simultaneously reducing by ⅓ third our industrial wastes without valorization.

Rethinking the way we use resource requires to look beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model and redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits, gradually decoupling economic activity and designing waste out of the system. At Solvay, we have a clear conviction that we must rethink and develop business models to disconnect our growth from the use of finite resources. We see the circular economy as being the right path forward. We are conscious of the pivotal role we play supplying a large variety of other industries.

Therefore, we decided to focus on:  

  • Circular operations: Both reduce wastes generation during our operations and recycle as much waste as possible into by-products or through energy production.
  • Circular Sourcing: Increase the sales of products based on renewable or recycled resources (materials and energy).
  • Circular business: Act as an enabler for our customers to help them integrate circular economy in their activities by offering a diversified portfolio of solutions. We will join new circular models in electric vehicle batteries, electronics, packaging and water. For example, our technologies in metal separation, in biosourced or recyclable polymers, and in chemical recycling will provide circular solutions.


Increasing waste recovery

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Continuing our trajectory on delivering sustainable business solutions, targeting to reach 65% of our sales through them. 

At Solvay, we believe that our contribution to society with our innovations must not only boost performance but must also demonstrate it is not made at the expense of the Planet lower environmental impact from the production phase and throughout the entire life cycle of our products. This includes the end-of-life and recycling processes as well. 

The Group will reduce by a third its non-recoverable industrial waste, such as landfill and incineration without energy recovery.

Leveraging innovation to develop more sustainable solutions

Solvay will continue to shift its portfolio toward opportunities that grow its sustainable solutions, with a target of increasing sustainable solutions to 65% of total Group sales in collaboration with the Solar Impulse.

Not only are we committed, but we measure it in practical terms. We have developed a unique tool, the Sustainable Portfolio Management, to steer Solvay's portfolio toward sustainable business. The purpose of this tool is to guide business decision-making while bearing sustainability constantly in mind. Ultimately, we want  65% of our sales to be obtained through sustainable business solutions and 42% of our solutions already contribute to reducing world resources consumption, equaling a sales impact of 3.6b€ in 2019.

Based on our new Solvay One Planet agenda, we will measure our resources savings along the value chain. For example, our High Dispersion Silica extends the lifetime of automotive tires by 15%. At the scale of the global market, that would save 1.8 million tons of tire material each year.


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