Solvay strives to make positive contributions in the communities where it operates.

Solvay's corporate philanthropy is principally directed to educational, scientific and humanitarian endeavors around the globe. Solvay aims at connecting its philanthropic efforts in accordance with the Group's domains of competence and where its products or activities can deliver added value.

In 1923, Solvay created the Ernest Solvay Fund to honor the founder of the Company who had died a year before. Today the majority of Solvay’s corporate philanthropy goes through the Ernest Solvay Fund. This Fund is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, an independent foundation.


The areas in which Solvay at corporate level concentrates its philanthropic or funding efforts are:  

  • Research activities in scientific areas and matters
  • Education and /or training initiatives by supporting projects mainly in the fields of science and technology or related areas
  • Initiatives supporting Youth employment
  • And in some circumstances, support to humanitarian initiatives in reaction to certain disasters and/or where our products or services are of particular value


Philanthropy at local level

Beyond Solvay' philanthropy at corporate level, each Solvay site engages in projects supporting the communities in which it operates focusing its efforts on diversity and inclusiveness. For more information about local philanthropic initiatives, please feel free to contact a representative from the Solvay site in your community.

I never stopped pursuing scientific goals, because I love science and I do believe that from science will derive the progress of mankind.

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