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Research and Innovation

Invent, reinvent and advance humanity

You’re all about science and believe in it as a means to change the world? Look no further. Science-based research and innovation has been an integral part of our DNA even since Ernest Solvay laid the Group’s first stone in 1863. Now more than ever, we’re looking for the next generation of researchers and scientists who will reinvent progress and bring about true circularity.

Join Solvay and get to design innovative products shaping the future of mobility, agriculture, electronics, healthcare or air and water treatment. Become part of a cross-disciplinary, multicultural community united by their passion for responsible chemistry.


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Scientific background

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Master’s degrees, PhDs or postdocs in science, chemistry or engineering

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Hands-on, independent and self-motivated

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Project management

Picture yourself in the field

Solvay’s research and innovation teams are working hard to change the way we use and reuse the world’s resources. Find out about some of the most exciting projects you’ll get to work on as you join our ranks.

Watch Gen Z and Sustainability - Episode 2 with Yizhi Zhang on YouTube.

“I get to learn about farmer habits and cultural practices in India, while having a positive impact on environment and society”

Chloe Moreau

Chloe has been working at Solvay for over 13 years, climbing her  way up from Research Scientist specializing in home and personal care to Sustainability Manager at Solvay Novecare Global Business Unit. 

Her current role is  particularly enriching. “I’m now in charge of the implementation of the Sustainable Guar Initiative launched by Solvay in 2015. Guar is a vegetable we use to create sustainable products for personal care, agriculture, etc. With this initiative, we’ve been encouraging sustainable guar farming practices and improving the lives of over 11,000 Indian farmers.”

As Sustainability Manager, Chloe gets to design sustainability programs and ensure that they deliver on their ambitions. She promotes them and hopes to inspire similar initiatives among customers. “It is very enriching to work on such a project, linked to different business models and cultures. It is a way to improve my adaptation and communication capabilities while having a positive impact on the environment and society. Every day, I get to help secure and expand Solvay businesses, and I contribute to positioning the Group as a key actor of responsible sourcing.”

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