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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI: Driving progress through diversity, equity, and inclusion  

At Solvay, we believe the teams with the most diverse backgrounds and experiences are also the most skilled; drawing on a breadth of perspectives to deliver vision and innovation. That’s why diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is part of our DNA.

We value human dignity and are committed to creating an equitable and inclusive work environment where everyone feels included, appreciated, and respected. We’re striving to create a more sustainable world and we can only achieve that with a team where everyone has equal opportunity to grow, thrive and contribute. 

Building on a strong foundation

Solvay's commitment to DEI is deeply embedded in our company ethos. Over time, we’ve built a robust DEI foundation that includes focusing on gender parity, promoting inclusive leadership, and supporting our employees’ well-being. Our DEI commitment is not only an integral part of our history, but also essential to our future. It ensures that our journey towards greater diversity and inclusivity continues to be central to our vision and to the foundation on which our progress is built. 

Explore our annual integrated reports (AIRs) for an overview of our work in this area. 

Solvay's diverse team

As we pursue our strategy of mastering the elements essential to our world, we understand that our employees are invaluable to our success. Our team of 9,000 are made up of 80 different nationalities, 80% of whom identify as actively engaged in their work.  

Among the DEI achievements we take pride in is the fact that over 25% of those in leadership positions at Solvay are women – and that Solvay employees stay with the company for an average of 14 years. But our work in this area is far from complete and we continue to aim for ever-greater DEI results. This includes paying a living wage to 100% of our workforce by 2026 and achieving gender parity in mid and senior management roles by 2033.

Leading the way is our board of directors

Made up of 10 individuals from six different countries, the board is 30% female and brings experience ranging from operational excellence and sustainability, to finance and talent management.