Supplying a wide range of Peroxide solutions for various uses in the healthcare industry 

Just about every person around the world has taken medication, been inside a hospital or received a vaccination. Before any of these products reach the hands of consumers, Solvay plays an important role in ensuring that products and services in the medical and pharmaceutical industries are produced and used in the safest, most sterile environments. We draw upon decades of expertise and feedback from collaborative customer relationships to provide industry best-in-class hydrogen peroxide solutions.

Market snapshot

Breakthrough treatments, improved quality of care, expanding vaccination programs ౼ healthcare is a growing industry. This is true both in terms of capabilities and also reach. At an increasing rate, governments invest in healthcare facilities and developing countries launch national programs to enhance the availability and use of vaccines. Interest is burgeoning and motivating all stakeholders to improve healthcare systems across the globe.

As the landscape evolves, our industry focuses its attention on safety, quality and risk management. This means having the safest products and applications for the aseptic filling process or sterilization of the medical devices themselves. Containment facilities are essential to protect patients, above all, as well as our customers’ brands and the industry at large.

Our promise

When a doctor administers a vaccine, the vial containing the vaccine and the syringe used on the patient must be sterile to ensure safety and patient wellbeing. The same goes for isolator decontamination, room decontamination and medical device sterilization procedures along the entire value chain ౼ from production lines to labs or even entire facilities. Hydrogen Peroxide is also applied as an API, for example, in drug products for the mouth and wound disinfection. API stands for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient.

With a range of INTEROX® grades, Solvay promises the highest possible quality on the market. Our Hydrogen Peroxide is also one of the safest and most efficient bio-decontaminants used in the healthcare industry. Formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide or ethylene oxide can leave behind toxic residue and are much less compatible with a wide variety of materials than Hydrogen Peroxide. Whether in vaporized form for the pharmaceutical aseptic filling industry or as a disinfectant for medical devices, INTEROX® is the go-to solution. In the pharma industry ౼ where human consumers and animals are the end-users ౼ product quality must be irreproachable. Given these stakes, Solvay recognizes the importance of complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) throughout the entire supply chain*. 

Our expansive global footprint ౼ with manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, the United States and Thailand ౼ guarantees the delivery and security of supply of high-quality INTEROX® all over the globe. Furthermore, our quality management system, which meets numerous regulation requirements, minimizes risk, enhances safety and prioritizes the need for traceability. 

INTEROX® SG (Sterile Grade) is currently approved in several European countries*. Solvay has applied for Union Authorization under the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) for use of INTEROX® SG in product-type 2.


Our healthcare solutions


Isolator decontamination

When producing vaccines, oncology treatments, biosimilars and other types of pharmaceutical specialities in syringes, ampoules, vials or cartridges, pharmaceutical companies rely on isolators or RABS (restricted access barrier systems) to create a containment zone for an efficient and safe process.

INTEROX® SG is used in vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization (VHP) systems that are integrated or non-integrated into isolators and barrier systems used for aseptic filling lines at pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. INTEROX® SG is the safest and most efficient way to decontaminate pharmaceutical production environments. 

INTEROX® SG, promises the highest possible quality on the market with a residual value after evaporation below 2ppm ౼ well below the residual value recommended by major isolator producers (e.g. 10ppm) ౼ which prevents the build-up of residue in pipes that cause machines to clog or malfunction.

For more information, download our  INTEROX® SG Brochure

Isolator decontamination


Room Decontamination

Room decontamination systems are used to decontaminate everything from production lines, to labs, to sterilizing entire hospitals or new facilities. INTEROX® SG is used in VHP systems that are integrated or non-integrated into room decontamination systems or cleanroom technology. Compared to formaldehyde, H2O2 is the safest alternative with fewer risks for workers. 

2 scientists in a Room decontamination


Medical device Sterilization

Breakthroughs in non-invasive operations give way to a new generation of endoscopes and medical devices that use different types of materials and integrate electronics, nano-technology and robotic-surgery. These complex devices cannot be sterilized with traditional high temperature steam methods; and instead require the same level of sterility at low temperatures. 
INTEROX® MD (Medical Device) grade is qualified for use in VHP sterilization systems in hospital operating rooms or central sterilization departments.

We are proud to say that our INTEROX® MD has an improved safety profile, material compatibility and lower risk compared to ethylene oxide alternatives.

2 doctors operating Medical sterilization


Active Pharma Ingredients (API)

INTEROX® PH (Pharma Grade) is used as an ingredient for medical applications ౼ from mouthwash, to medical wipes and surface sanitizers, wound disinfectants, contact lens disinfectants and several other external disinfectants.


*Please contact your local Solvay representative for country-specific information

Download INTEROX® SG Brochure for more information