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Solvay Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

 A high performance and versatile oxidizing agent

The industry’s most versatile H2O2 solutions 

As the leading global producer and supplier of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) solutions, Solvay’s portfolio boasts some of the purest grades available anywhere in the world. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent, known not only for its high oxidation potential, but its strong performance across a wide pH range as well. The extreme versatility of this clear liquid gives rise to a growing number of applications, including:

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A nod to the environment

Versatility and performance aside, hydrogen peroxide is truly a product fit for the future because it also addresses growing sustainability concerns faced by markets and industries the world over. When it decomposes, it breaks down into oxygen and water ౼ two harmless molecules that naturally exist in nature. While it is undoubtedly green, H2O2 still remains a powerful product that must be handled carefully and used in a controlled environment. 

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A true partner and leader in H2O2 solutions

As a global industry leader and responsible supplier of hydrogen peroxide formulations, Solvay promotes and continuously improves safe, sustainable management of our products throughout the entire product life cycle. Our effective programs ensure that our product is not only transported safely, but once delivered, our global presence in 19 industrial sites and three R&I centers provides our downstream partners with the necessary information to ensure the proper use and handling of H2O2. We value the relationships we have fostered with partners over the years and we are dedicated to working closely with them to actively seek out feedback and ensure the highest product quality possible. 

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A wide range of Hydrogen Peroxide grades

Our INTEROX brand perfectly exemplifies our collaborative spirit. Available in various grades according to the specific application, there is a tailored INTEROX formulation for every customer need ౼ whether that be high stability required in the chemical or cosmetic industries or compliance with the food industry’s Chemical Codex. Across all markets, all Solvay H2Ogrades have excellent stability and lose less than 1% of their activity over the course of one full year of storage in standard conditions. 

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Solvay manufactures a range of high quality H2O2 solutions, sold under the trade name INTEROX

  • INTEROXⓇ Standard Grade: Boasting high performance and a range of concentrations, our entry level grade for industrial applications is primarily used for bleaching applications
  • INTEROX Aseptic Grade: Designed for aseptic packaging machines, this range of formulations balances high performance and low residue build up
  • INTEROXⓇ Chemical Grade: Created primarily for chemical synthesis applications
  • INTEROXⓇ Cosmetic Grade: Used in cosmetic formulations and meeting the requirements of the cosmetic directive
  • INTEROXⓇ Food Grade: Used in food contact applications and in accordance with local legislation
  • INTEROX Special Grade: High-quality product for etchant and clean agent used in LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and Photovoltaic market. 
  • INTEROXⓇ Pharma Grade: An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • INTEROXⓇ Sterile Grade: High-quality product used for medical disinfection of isolators and clean rooms
  • INTEROX® PARAMOVE® 50: Engineered to treat parasitic diseases in salmon (sea lice) in full compliance with veterinary medicine or parasiticide legislation, according to local requirements


Specific grades for electronics:

INTEROXⓇ Electronic Grade: Ultra pure materials for the semiconductor industry

INTEROX Pico/Pico Plus: an ultra high purity grade for the cleaning and etching of semiconductor chips


Security of Supply

On top of this, Solvay has the technology to supply the right INTEROX solution according to your needs. From industrial mega-plants built with partners, through an extensive network of production locations and logistics hubs on 6 continents, to small scale myH2O2 units ideally suited for remote locations, we have every supply security concern covered.



Tert-Amylbenzene, or TAB (chemical name, tert-pentylbenzene, CAS number 2049-95-8), plays a key role in a very wide spectrum of chemical processes. It is a crucial intermediate in the production of hydrogen peroxide, it serves as a building block in the synthesis of amorolfine, a potent antifungal API, and when added into rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, it prevents overheating, fire and explosion. Solvay is the sole TAB producer in Europe, offering the highest purity and quality standards in the production of three TAB grades: industrial, special and ultrapure.


AQ (2-amylanthraquinone) and EQ (2-ethylanthraquinone)

AQ (2-amylanthraquinone) and EQ (2-ethylanthraquinone) are the two most commonly used carriers in the working solution of the anthraquinone process that produces Hydrogen Peroxide. Solvay, one of the leading global producers and suppliers of Hydrogen Peroxide solutions, has completed the REACH registration for the production of AQ and the REACH registration to import and sell EQ in Europe.

Key Markets 


Key Regions

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
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