A powerful and sustainable sanitizer:  Peracetic Acid

Industries across the globe are dealing with two major trends developing in parallel: rising standards for disinfection accompanied by growing environmental scrutiny. Solvay’s Peracetic Acid (PAA), a colorless, liquid organic formulation, responds to both these trends. As the leading global supplier of high quality PAA, Solvay draws upon years of experience to formulate this highly effective biocide for use in a growing number of applications:

  • Disinfecting and sterilizing equipment and packaging to guarantee food quality and safety
  • Protecting animal health and welfare by disinfecting houses and equipment
  • Providing PAA for the final treatment step in wastewater purification
  • Cleaning and disinfecting industrial laundries used by hospitals and hotels
  • Washing fruits, vegetables and meats to protect against harmful pathogens and food spoilage without impacting food quality
  • Oxygenating soil through irrigation systems in the agricultural industry  
  • Protecting against biofouling in paper production


While Peracetic Acid has a burgeoning, results-based reputation for various applications in sanitation, disinfection and sterilization; it also provides an eco-friendly alternative to harsher products on the market. Similar to H2O2, PAA decomposes into everyday molecules found all around us: water, oxygen and acetic acid ౼ a readily biodegradable molecule. 

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A collaborative approach to product development 

Solvay’s extensive global reach ensures that our expert teams ౼ spread across 18 industrial sites and three R&I centers ౼ are at the ready to educate and train our partners and clients to ensure proper handling and use throughout the entire product life cycle. As believers in open communication and collaboration, we engage in constant dialogue with every stakeholder to ensure that our versatile products are tailored to meet specific industry needs.

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Solvay manufactures a range of high quality Peracetic Acid solutions, sold under the trade names PROXITANE, OXYKIL, AQUALISAN and OXYSTRONG

  • PROXITANE: A range of high performance grades, including formulations containing tracers and surfactants, was developed primarily for the food industry to improve performance and reduce costs
  • OXYKIL: A specific formulation for Asian animal health care designed  to protect the living environment of poultry and livestock. Healthier animals provide farmers with peace of mind and more predictable outcomes.
  • AQUALISAN: A water conditioning treatment to improve the growing conditions in shrimp farms, producing healthy shrimp and bigger harvests
  • OXYSTRONG: A core range of products designed to optimize performance in wastewater treatment applications, allowing water reuse
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Key Markets


Key Regions

  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • North America
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific