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A premium, effective and environmentally friendly water conditioning solution for aquaculture

Shrimp farming: A fragmented industry 

Roughly 5 million tons of shrimp are farmed every year across the globe ౼ with a marked concentration in China and Southeast Asia. While the production level itself is notable, what is more impressive is that the majority of the world’s farm raised shrimp comes from small to medium sized family-run farms scattered across rural fields and countryside.

As these farms are generally in rural or low income areas, the risk of water pollution and disease outbreaks in ponds can be substantial. Moreover, due to their small structure, a single disease outbreak could entirely wipe out a family’s source of income. The fragmented aspect of the industry also contributes to a significant lack of standardization, and oftentimes farmers don't have the expertise or tools necessary to diagnose problems or find the right solutions. Adding to these challenges, the world is trending towards higher food safety requirements and increased environmental protection monitoring ౼ raising the standards for these independent farmers and the whole shrimp industry.   

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We care and we protect

Solvay recognized the need for an efficient solution that is safe for shrimp disease management ౼ and thus consumer health ౼ as well as the environment yet powerful enough to fend off disease and protect farmers’ livelihoods. Solvay began by considering these pain points and worked with local experts and research institutions to develop a deep understanding of the shrimp farming process. 

AQUALISAN®, a premium, effective and environmentally friendly water conditioning solution. In order to work effectively, a number of pond parameters need to be assessed to determine the correct treatment program. Correct application is critical for success. When added to ponds, AQUALISAN® quickly eliminates a wide range of water borne pathogens and kills bacteria likely to cause shrimp diseases.

Healthier pond conditions yield:

  • Commercial trials show 10% higher pond success rates with accurate prediction of harvest time, thereby protecting the farmers’ investments
  •  Higher productivity with up to a 50% decrease in pond preparation time seen in commercial trials
  • On top of this, up to a 15% increase in survival rate in each pond, meaning more shrimps to sell to the market
  • A cleaner end product, guaranteeing no drug residue and meeting higher standards of food safety
  • A greener environmental outcome, as AQUALISAN® breaks down into mainly water and oxygen


AQUALISAN® has been highly successful in controlling these shrimp diseases:

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A comprehensive solution

With the fragmented nature of the shrimp farming industry in mind, Solvay focused on creating a comprehensive shrimp disease management solution, not just a product. AQUALISAN® can be used for all types of farms from hatcheries to rural and industrial farms. When used properly, AQUALISAN® can bring significant and sustainable value to farmers, which in turn generates value in the local community, country and even the region. 

A true partner

Delivering these results, however, requires a level of expertise. While AQUALISAN® very easily mixes into pond water, it is important to use a precise dosage at a very specific moment according to the exact conditions in each pond. To ensure that farmers achieve the best possible results, Solvay guides them through the process. Our substantial global presence also ensures that an expert is available to face these challenges:

  • Disease is one of the major concerns in the shrimp farming industry. AQUALISAN® guarantees cleaner pond water and therefore higher pond success rates. This translates into a lower risk of losing an entire pond, or an entire business, to disease.

  • This solution also provides a considerable cost benefit to farmers: security. Ponds using AQUALISAN® have higher yields and more predictable harvests. 

  • Lastly, and perhaps most concretely, AQUALISAN® promises a thriving environment, significantly reducing the fear of disease or infection. Providing farmers with this peace of mind means they can delay harvest, giving shrimp precious days or weeks to grow in size ౼ thus commanding a higher price on the market.

Farming in the digital age

Given that shrimp farming typically takes place in some of the world’s most rural areas, Solvay decided to take full advantage of the digital revolution and global connectivity trends and piloted a mobile application in China. With the AQUALISAN® Wechat app, farmers can easily record key parameters of pond water and share data with their local distributor or Solvay experts to create a customized solution. This allows farmers to achieve optimal benefits while minimizing risk.

Today, AQUALISAN® is primarily used in the shrimp farming industry; however tomorrow, our solution could transform the farming environments of other aquatic species such as fish and crab. 

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