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Homecare textile whitening


An effective and sustainable solution for the homecare and personal care industries

Eureco by Solvay (horizontal)

Effective washing solutions

In recent years Solvay’s EURECO™ (based on PAP: 6-phthalimido peroxy hexanoic acid) has become increasingly popular in consumer and professional detergents markets and in personal care products. It is known for its effectiveness in removing stubborn stains (grass, tea, coffee, tomato, etc.), getting rid of malodour and in killing germs, bacteria and fungi on textiles and hard surfaces. While it is extremely effective, its eco-toxicological profile is very convenient. Gentle on skin and odorless, EURECO™ does not release Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) or Chlorine into the environment. 

A sustainable bleach alternative 

EURECO™ has an attractive sustainability profile. It works as a highly effective low temperature bleaching agent (e.g. 15°C) ౼ resulting in lower energy consumption ౼ without the use of activators, preservatives, neutralizers or alkalis. The absence of alkalis allows operators in the professional sector to reduce water consumption in the rinsing stage, thereby reducing wastewater treatment needs as well.

Its compact formulation positively impacts packaging size, thus reducing production and transportation costs. Its use in washing processes generates several benefits with a substantial impact on the sustainability profile of the application and notably extending the lifespan of fibers and textiles throughout extended washes. And most importantly, EURECO™ turns into a readily biodegradable non-peroxidic chemical, yielding zero environmental threat.


Woman teeth before and after whitening


Powerful yet gentle personal care products

EURECO™ is also used as a powerful whitening and anti-plaque agent in the personal care industry as well. Whether in toothpaste, whitening dental kits, denture care or mouthwashes, oral care products formulated with EURECO™ produce visible whitening, a noticeable anti-plaque effect and long-lasting bacteria load reduction. EURECO™ can also be used in skin care to gently yet effectively balance sebum and treat acne and hyperpigmentation.

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EURECO™ is available in a wide range of grades:

  • EURECO™ HC grades for Personal Care applications
  • EURECO™ WM1 is technical fine powder for unit doses
  • EURECO™ LX grades are ready-to-use liquids for consumer and professional applications
  • EURECO™ RP103 is an advanced granular grade for consumer and professional powdered detergents
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