Solvay’s Zeosil® highly dispersible silica reinforces rubber goods such as tires. This range offers a wide variety of highly dispersible silicas, including the well-known dust-free Micropearl form.

To comply with international regulations (like Tire Labelling), tire manufacturers have to lower rolling resistance, the main means of reducing energy consumed by tires and, therefore, vehicle fuel consumption & CO2 emissions. 

As a key supplier to automotive industry, Solvay proposes Zeosil® silica as an answer to the sustainable mobility challenge. Solvay’s high performance silica range is the best way to lower tire rolling resistance while improving tire performances.

The Zeosil® range was instrumental in the development of energy-efficient tires (Green tires). By reducing the rolling resistance of tires by 25%, Zeosil® technology reduces vehicle fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by as much as 7% without impairing tire performance.

Zeosil® Premium is the first generation of high surface silicas combining superior dispersibility, excellent reinforcement and low hysteretic properties.

The Zeosil® range also brings innovative solutions to applications such as battery separators and rubber manufactured goods.