In the salmon farming industry, one of the main threats that can affect production is parasitic disease like sea lice. Our hydrogen peroxide based solution PARAMOVE® is used to control this problem. 

How does it work? Salmon are immersed in PARAMOVE® and the hydrogen peroxide quickly removes the lice leaving only oxygen and water in the environment.

Key Benefits of PARAMOVE®:

  • Flexible dosing solutions.

  • Short treatment times.
  • Immediate lice removal.

  • Instantaneous measurement of treatment concentration.

  • Withdrawal period of meat: zero days.


Key features of PARAMOVE®:

  • Effective long-term solution for lice control on farmed Atlantic salmon when used as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

  • Manufactured as a veterinary medicinal product following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

  • Supplied as a prescription only licensed veterinary medicine under Solvay's marketing authorizations.
  • Certified farms are not limited in the number of treatments using PARAMOVE®. 

PARAMOVE® use should follow the information given in the summary of product characteristics (SPC) and be used under veterinary guidance.

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