A growing demand for peracetic acid

As standards for disinfection and environmental legislation have become more demanding, Solvay has developed a range of Peracetic Acid (PAA) formulations to ensure our customers are able to meet these requirements. PROXITANE®, a highly effective biocide and oxidizing agent, rapidly destroys microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses and kills pathogens.

While it is extremely performant, PROXITANE® is chlorine free and breaks down quickly into naturally occurring substances (water, oxygen and carbon dioxide) ౼ making it a sustainable, environmentally friendly choice. 

For these reasons, PROXITANE® is the ideal disinfectant across a number of different industries, namely medical, food and drink, animal biosecurity and industrial laundry. 

Slices of thin meat for packaging at industrial meat factory plant


A versatile PAA solution

In the food industry, PROXITANE® is used in Cleaning in Place and Food Contact Sanitisation processes for safe, rapid microbial control. Notably, certain food products, such as meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables and eggs, require direct protection as they can carry harmful microbes and be prone to spoilage. In addition to microbial protection, PROXITANE®effectively boosts food safety by reducing the loss of goods due to fungi, viruses, algae and bacteria and enhances product quality throughout the useful shelf life and, in some cases, extends the shelf life itself. 

PROXITANE® is also used as a rapid high level disinfectant in the farming industry to protect animals from diseases. Additionally, experts use PROXITANE® in the medical sector to sterilize equipment, pharmaceuticals and instruments, with the ultimate goal of improving patient health and wellbeing.